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    Play furniture from FLEXA is designed to give children a place of their own. A place where they can let their imagination run wild, concentrate on their creative projects, and meet up with their besties to explore new, exciting games.  

    When you decorate your kid’s play area, make sure you go for tables, stools, and accessories that are both fun, safe and functional. For instance: it’s fun for your little one to use a paper roll because it allows them to make extra-large drawings. And it’s nice that your toddler can find their favourite doll in the storage room of their play bench - all by themselves and without hurting their fingers. 


    Babies, toddlers and children have a lot of things, and good storage solutions are essential to keep your home tidy. With FLEXA’s selection of bedroom furniture for kids, you provide easy access to all your child’s toys, books, stuffed animals, art supplies, and much more.  

    Our selection of play furniture includes not only bookcases, storage benches, and play mattresses, but also educational furniture like creative play tables, and handy playroom stools. Have them all come together in your kid’s bedroom or match them with your living room furniture to create a cool kid’s corner.      


    You can feel safe letting your little ones play with FLEXA’s wooden kids' furniture. Our children’s furniture is designed with rounded edges and soft close, so there are no sharp edges for children to get hurt by. Our playroom furniture is all manufactured from natural, long-lasting materials without harmful additives, and all our children’s furniture live up to EU’s strictest product safety standards.