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Toys for 3-Year-Olds

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    It's amazing how much happens with children at this age. Toddlers are constantly working on perfecting their skills – from the way they move around to the things they can suddenly express in words. It calls for toys with just the right level of complexity. Below you find cool and creative toys for 3-year-olds.   


    Slides and climbing frames are absolutely recommended toys for active, little 3-year-olds. Your little one can enjoy the rush of excitement from sliding down, alone or together with friends, while improving their balance and gross motor skills. Win-win!  

    Early learning toys, such as building blocks, memory games, and picture lotto, support your kid’s cognitive development. And as your toddler gets older, they begin to enjoy also imagination-sparking toys, such as toy groceries, play tools, and costumes. These types of toys are great for kickstarting children’s pretend play and roleplay.  


    At FLEXA, we think of safety before anything else when we design toys. Our wooden toys are manufactured from pure, natural resources. They comply with EU’s strictest product safety standards. And they have rounded edges, so your child can enjoy safe and stimulating play.