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    What to look for when buying developmentally appropriate toys for your 1-year-old? Well, you can start by relaxing. Because your baby’s favourite toy is you. Your face, your voice, your touch, and your smell are what your baby loves more than anything in this world. Between 6-12 months, you can slowly begin to introduce age-appropriate toys, but always make sure you play on your baby’s terms. If your little one turns their head away, it means time for a break.  


    When you select your baby’s first toys, it’s tempting to go for the things you think are fun to play with. Luckily, the FLEXA family of toys is designed to be interesting for both parents and children. Everything is new to your baby’s eyes. That’s why we designed our early learning toys with subdued colours and gentle sounds - to avoid overstimulation and to give your 1-year-old a chance to take it all in at their own pace. 


    Two things go before anything else, when the topic is toys for 1-year-olds. The first thing is safety. At FLEXA, we have thought about all aspects of your child’s safety, so you don’t have to. Our educational toys for 1-year-old children are designed with smooth, round edges. They are made from pure, natural materials. And they live up to EU’s strictest product safety standards.

    Little children are quick to learn new skills, so beside from safety, it’s worth looking at how your child’s toys can help them reach new milestones. At FLEXA, a team of Danish experts on children’s play have contributed with key insights in the design phase of our toys. This is to ensure we create toys with great play value that truly help your little one to develop new skills, while they play and have fun.