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    Well-rested children are healthier and happier, and a good night's sleep requires a good, comfortable bed. A good night's sleep is essential for children and for their ability to learn, focus, remember and to be creative. FLEXA offers a wide range of high beds for children from the age of 8 up through the teens. All of our kid’s high beds are created from long-lasting materials with children and their changing needs in mind. Children grow up fast and FLEXA designs beds that grow with the child.


    With a high bed from FLEXA you get a flexible piece of furniture that can be customised to fit your child’s needs. Although older children typically have smaller toys than the little ones, this does not mean that they do not need storage space in their room. Previous needs are simply replaced by new ones as the child grows up. Suddenly, good floor space for playtime is less necessary, and instead older children typically need a space for doing homework, relaxation and immersion in creative projects.

    Children’s changing needs can make it difficult to decorate their room, which often has to be adjusted as the child gets older. Choosing a kid’s high bed that takes advantage of the height in the room is a great idea, since it leaves plenty of space under the bed for storage, a desk or a cosy nook with soft pillows or whatever your child may wish. For example, use our storage solutions in the space under the bed to store your child's clothing, books or toys. The kids’ high bed from Popsicle is also equipped with practical storage solutions, which are an integral part of the stairs at the end of the bed, and there is space for toys, books and school supplies.

    The design of the beds makes it easy to adjust them as needed. For example, if your child wants to turn his high bed into a low single bed, this is easily done by removing part of the legs on the high bed. That way, younger siblings can also enjoy the bed, even if they do not yet have an age where they are big enough for the high bed. The option of turning a high bed into a low bed can also benefit children as they grow older, preferring a bed that doubles as a couch for when they have friends over.


    Once your child reaches school age, it is essential for them to have a space for doing their homework and for various projects and hobbies they may have. If your child needs a moment alone to enjoy some peace and quiet, it is practical with a desk in their room. We have several designs you can choose from - desks that can either be mounted under the high bed or some that are already an integral part of the furniture. You will find our children’s high beds with desks in both our White, Nor and Classic collections.


    Our children’s high beds are made of high-quality materials such as solid oak and birch, as well as veneer and MDF, which ensures a sturdy high bed that can withstand children's active playtime. The durable materials make it possible for the beds to be passed on from child to child. FLEXA high beds are perfect for children from grade school to teens. The variety of FLEXA high beds are in our Classic, White, Nor and Popsicle collections. Each collection offers you a wide range of high beds in a beautiful Danish design, with rounded shapes and edges and a soft Nordic colour palette.


    From early childhood, many children dream of what they want to be when they grow up. The foundation of a person's identity is already formed in childhood - and finding out who you are or who you want to be is a big part of growing up. As a parent, you can support your child by creating a good environment for learning, creativity and development. Make room for big dreams in the children’s room, and have your child flourish and gradually find him or herself.

    To dream big, you need a good night's sleep. In a children’s high bed your child can sleep comfortably all night long and daydream in the bright hours of the day. Treat your child to a comfy bed with a quality mattress, and a soft duvet and pillow from our Sleep collection. You will be giving your child the optimal conditions for a good night’s sleep, so they can be active all day long.