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    Imagine having a space perfect for restful sleep and exciting play time. A cosy space where the rest of the world slips into the background, and stimulating play will make it seem like time is standing still. This is exactly what the FLEXA Classic house beds are designed for.

    A house bed from FLEXA is one of a kind. We believe that kids are the experts, because who knows better what kids like, than kids themselves? That is why, all of our products are designed with input from the experts so that they can enjoy their house bed, alone or with friends, for many years to come.


    Our playful approach to design has, among other things, resulted in a variety of treehouse beds that invite kids of all ages to have fun, or gives them the option to hideaway for moments of peaceful alone time. A FLEXA house bed is also a great place to share with friends. Choose a kids house bed with no, or few steps, for the little one so they can easily crawl into bed, or get a house bed with a ladder to make getting into bed at night, extra fun for the older ones.

    A FLEXA house bed is designed with inspiration from the latest trends in Scandinavian design, and is manufactured from safe, quality materials. Our beds have passed EU’s strictest product safety standards, so you will get a bed that is both timeless in its design and safe for your child to sleep in. Our treehouse beds are therefore, well suited for your kids even as they mature. In their house bed, kids have the ideal setting for play, daydreaming, and not least, good sleep.


    Quality and safety are at the core of everything we design, which also comes across in our selection of house beds. A FLEXA kids house bed, as well as our other furniture, is manufactured without any harmful toxins and are solely coated with environmentally friendly UV varnish or water-based varnish.

    Our Classic collection consists of kids’ bedroom furniture that can be adapted, as your kids mature and their needs change. This is a unique feature of FLEXA furniture, including our house beds, where you have the option to change a low bed into a high one, and the house-part can be altogether removed, once your child outgrows that aspect.

    Check out the FLEXA Classic collection for more children’s bedroom furniture. Aside from the house beds, you will find wardrobes, bookcases, chests, and study desks. All furniture from the collection is designed according to Scandinavian design tradition. The furniture has a timeless design, with soft shapes, made from natural materials – perfect to combine, to decorate a cosy children’s room for boys and girls of all ages.


    Who says that a bed is just for sleeping in? A treehouse bed from FLEXA invites kids to do more, than just sleep in their bed. A house bed functions as the perfect setting for endless hours of exciting play time. Perhaps you kids will be inspired to play castle, where a beautiful princess is locked in the tower. Or they can imagine themselves on board a pirate ship with sharks luring in the water below. The sky is the limit, when it comes to the fun in the house bed.

    Kids are by nature incredibly imaginative and are quick to come up with different role plays to do with friends, parents, or siblings. The house bed, further fosters that imagination and works as a simple, yet multipurpose backdrop for different role play scenarios to be played out.


    We have all felt the effects of a bad night’s sleep. Our energy level and mental resources are drained. For kids, good sleep is even more important which is why, it is essential to create a space for them, where they feel safe and relaxed, so they can have a good night’s sleep, and wake up full of energy and ready for a new day full of learning and playing.

    Sleep is key in child development, as it impacts their mental and physical development. During the night, they resituate and process the events of that day. Well-rested children are generally more happy and ready to take on any challenges the day may throw at them. The key to good sleep, is setting up a few sleeping habits, that you can read about here. You can also explore our selection of products that help promote good sleep.


    A beautiful and fun bed is all good during the day, but when it comes to sleeping a quality mattress will help promote the best possible sleep for your child. Explore our products from the Sleep collection, where you will also find duvets and pillows.

    In our Sleep collection there is something for everyone, whether your child prefers a firm or softer mattress, a duvet that is very warm or one that is a bit cooler. FLEXA has the products for you to ensure that your child can sleep comfortably in their house bed.