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Children's Bed With Drawers

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    All those toys, books, clothes, sheets... you will never have enough storage for your little ones! A bed with drawers for children is very useful for keeping your child's room tidy. The drawers make it easy to store all of your child's treasures without taking up extra space in the room. Use single bed drawers to store things that need to be within reach, without cluttering the room.

    We offer a wide selection of drawer beds in our Classic, White, Freja, Popsicle and Nor collections.

    Safe design and durable materials

    All of our beds are created from high quality natural materials, which will last through childhood and beyond. Because nothing is more important to us than your child's safety, all our beds with drawers are equipped with smooth, rounded corners for greater comfort and safety.

    The flexibility of our bed with drawers for kids

    FLEXA offers a wide selection of kids’ beds. To our bed with drawers from Classic, Nor and White you even have the option to add a pull-out bed too - turning it into a Daybed with trundle and two drawers.

    Our loft bed with stairs is fun and useful, and our daybed with two drawers is comfy for hanging out and storing stuff. We also have bunk beds with stairs and a mid-height bed with stairs, both easy to climb.

    Saving solutions in children’s bedrooms

    In today’s homes, especially in urban settings, space is often at a premium. This is particularly true in children’s bedrooms, where the need for play, study, and rest all converge in one area.

    As children grow, so does their collection of toys, books, and clothes, making efficient use of space a necessity. Understanding the challenges parents face in organizing and maintaining order in their children’s bedrooms, FLEXA offers children’s beds with drawers that provide a smart storage solution.

    The drawers underneath the beds are perfect for storing toys, seasonal clothing, or bedding, thus freeing up valuable floor space. This thoughtful design helps keep the room tidy and ensures that essentials are within easy reach.

    Also, the ability to have a dedicated space for everything empowers children to take charge of their own space. It instills organizational skills from a young age, as they learn to store and manage their belongings effectively.