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    A good night's sleep is essential for children and their ability to learn, focus, remember and to be creative. To get a good night's sleep, a good and comfortable bed is required. FLEXA offers a wide range of bunk beds for children - all made from long-lasting materials with children and their changing needs in mind. Children grow up fast, and at FLEXA we design beds that grow with the child and therefore last a lifetime.


    FLEXA bunk beds are a perfect space-saving solution for smaller homes where children share a bedroom. Find our selection of these beds in our Classic, White, Nor and Popsicle collections.

    Each collection offers a wide range of bunk beds in a beautiful Danish design, with rounded shapes and edges and a soft colour palette. The design of FLEXA bunk beds makes it easy to rebuild the beds as the child grows up and the needs change. By removing the connection legs and one of the beds it transforms into a single bed or by adding longer connection legs it transforms into a mid-high bed. This flexibility of the beds provides a long lifetime and makes it easy for the bed to be used by the same child throughout their childhood.

    A kids’ bunk bed is a great alternative to our classic high or mid-high bed if you are looking for extra space for overnight guests, or perhaps for a sibling if the little ones are sharing a room. The extra sleeping space can function as a cosy nook where children can play or read during the day, and at night it is perfect for friends who are sleeping over.


    At FLEXA, we strive to design products that are both playful and practical. The bunk beds are flexible and can be altered, modified and adapted to fit your children’s changing needs. The kids bunk beds from Popsicle and Classic are available with a built-in storage solution.

    Children’s needs are constantly changing, and when buying their new FLEXA bunk bed it will not only live up to their needs right now, but also those that will come. The great thing about FLEXA furniture is that it can be modified to grow with your children and meet their different needs in the future. Our children’s bunk beds can be separated into two individual beds, if siblings at some point want to sleep apart. With extra parts, you can alter the bed into two high beds and this way take advantage of the extra floor space and decorate a cosy study area under the bed. Choosing a FLEXA bunk bed, you get a great piece of furniture for now and for the future.


    Our children’s bunk beds are manufactured from quality materials, such as solid pine, birch, oak and veneer. These materials have been carefully selected both in terms of their look and durability, so the beds can last for many years and even generations. All of our bunk beds have passed EU’s strictest product safety standards, both when it comes to quality and safety. In other words, FLEXA bunk beds are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, functional and safe, which you see in the ladder that has anti-slip steps and integrated handles. You can also attach a safety rail on the top bunk. You can feel at ease knowing your child is sleeping comfortably and safely in a FLEXA bunk bed.


    Our bunk beds are incredibly flexible on their own, and with our different accessories for the bed, you will have even more options to get the perfect sleeping environment for your children. For the bunk beds you can get a shelf, so the little ones always have easy access to their favourite book, an under-bed drawer and safety rails – all in matching colours. Under most of our beds, you also have the option to add a guest bed so friends can sleep over even in a small room, as it does not take up extra space. With the right accessories, you can create the perfect space for both sleeping and playing, and in that way, children get the most out of their room.

    Take a look at our wide selection of children’s bunk beds and remember that we also have comfortable duvets and pillows, which you will find in our Sleep collection. These products will give your children the best possible conditions for a good night’s sleep, so they can wake up well-rested and ready for a new day full of adventures.