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    A classic kids’ single bed from FLEXA is one of a kind - here you will find various single beds that each have their own special features that makes them unique. Whichever single bed you choose for your child, you will be getting a comfortable bed in high quality, that will set the framework for restful sleep. In addition to the standard 90x200 cm single kids’ bed, our range also includes the special house beds, beds with the option of adding a guest bed and single beds with fine, colourful details. Take a look at our assortment below and find the FLEXA bed that fits perfectly in the children’s room!


    Sleep is important regardless of age, and both children and adults can feel the consequences of poor sleep. A good night's sleep means happy children with energy to take on any challenges the day may throw at them. Children develop at the speed of lightning, and adequate sleep is essential for them to learn, focus, remember and be creative. Therefore, it is all important that your child has a nice sleeping environment – which first and foremost requires a comfortable bed.

    We would like to help create a comfortable and cosy sleeping environment, where the little ones will want to spend time in their beds both during the night and day. When it is safe and nice to be in bed during the day reading and playing, there is a greater chance that the bed is a hit at night too. Therefore, it matters which type of bed you choose.


    Children are our future and they must have the best conditions to do well in life. Therefore, they need to get good sleep at night. A safe sleeping environment makes for well-rested and happy children, so it is important choosing the right bed and bed accessories. Among our beds you will find Classic single beds in the natural color of the wood as well as beautiful balanced rose, blue and green from the Popsicle collection. In addition to the classic kids’ single bed, we also have beds from the Classic collection with a pull-out bed option for overnight guests as well as pull-out drawers with space for storing clothes, toys and more.

    The children’s single beds are available in different materials, but as always wood is the primary element - including solid birch and oak, which are combined with our well-known colour pallet that you will also find in our collections such as Dots and Popsicle.

    When designing our products, we first and foremost think about the children whom our beds are for. The needs of children are special and often change, so it is worth getting to know them and understanding how they develop. For more than 45 years, we have regarded children as our most valued experts, and we are proud to offer such a wide selection of beautiful kids’ beds, so there is something that suits everyone’s taste.


    At FLEXA, you will find a variety of single beds is in our following collections; Classic, White, Dots, Nor and Popsicle. Each collection offers you a wide range of children’s single beds in beautiful Danish design that will fit into any home thanks to the clean lines and functional design.

    We offer a wide range of single beds for children from the age of 3 years up through the childhood years to the teens. The functional design of our beds makes it easy to rebuild them as the child grows up and his or her needs and interests change. That way, the beds can be used for years and be passed on to siblings so more people can benefit from them. While the children are young, a single bed with safety rail is more secure to sleep in, just as a wooden house can be mounted on top of the bed as an extra cosy and fun feature, which at the same time makes the bed a playground during the day.

    A single bed with rails can easily be modified. You can remove the bed rail when the child is older, and if you add higher legs to a single bed you can transform the bed into a mid-high or a high bed. As your child gets older, the single bed can be used as a daybed or a daytime couch when friends are visiting. In this way, the bed is adaptable with different functions to meet the needs of the child now.


    Our designs are characterised by the rounded and organic shapes that provide tranquillity and aesthetic depth as well as gentle, Nordic colours that are pleasing to the eye. FLEXA products have no sharp edges and corners that children can get hurt on, and the simple design makes it possible to combine several pieces of furniture across our collections. This way, you can design the children’s room that you and your child dream of.

    Choosing a single bed with rails from FLEXA, you get a bed that gives your child the best conditions for sleeping well at night - and be active all day long. Keep in mind that a mattress, duvet and pillow are also important for a good night’s sleep, so check out our assortment in the Sleep collection.