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    When children grow out of their baby duvet, it is time to replace it with either an adult size one or a junior duvet, no matter what kind you choose we have the perfect bed linens for kids that will compliment any children’s room.

    Depending on your child’s preferences, he or she might like a big, adult sized duvet, while other kids feel more comfortable in the junior size one. In our Sleep Collection, you will find everything you need, to create a setting where your children can sleep feeling secure and comfortable. Check out our assortment below, and choose the perfect kids bed sheets for your child.


    Once children get older and their baby duvet needs to be replaced, usually, they will be at an age where they have strong opinions on how they want their bed linen to look. Most children like to feel that their opinions matter, and that they can help make decisions, so it is a good idea to ask your child, which children’s bed linen they would like for their new duvet. Perhaps he or she would like sheets with princesses on it, wild animals, or fast cars? If these designs do not sit well with your children, we also have kids bed sheets with a minimalistic pattern, in well balanced colours that also fit perfectly with the overall FLEXA colour scheme. Older children will typically like the patterned sheets better.

    At FLEXA we have a wide assortment of bed linens for kids, and they all have one thing in common – quality, which is evident both in terms of the material and in the design. We have kids bed sheets that both girls and boys will love no matter their age, so take a look below and renew the children’s room with new sheets.


    A good night’s sleep is essential for your child’s development, and therefore needs to be prioritized to make sure they get enough valuable sleep. With plenty of sleep, your child will have the energy to play, learn, and meet any challenges the day may throw at them. Most children thrive with fixed routines, especially when it comes to bedtime and tugging them in at night at approximately the same time. Yet, children are children, and sometimes unforeseen things happen, or they have had a rough day – but with a comfortable and secure sleep environment, they will be easier to get into bed at night. Read more about sleep, good sleep habits, and an optimal sleep environment in our expert area: Sleep.

    Make sure there is a comfortable temperature in the room, and that it is relatively dark, so there is no doubt in children’s minds that it is time for bed. The bed needs a quality mattress that is neither too hard nor too soft, and a nice duvet and pillow, soft kids bed sheets that will make it feel like a dream slipping into bed at night.

    Our bed linens for kids are made from the softest cotton sateen and has the Standard 100 label by Oeko-Tex, which is your guarantee that you are buying excellent quality sheets for your little ones. All FLEXA products have also passed EU’s strictest product safety and quality standards, which is another guarantee of our quality which we are very proud of.


    If your child has a theme in their room that represents a hobby, choosing the right sheets can tie the whole room together, whether it is in terms of colour or pattern. In our assortment of children’s bed linen, you will find, among other things, sheets from the popular Safari and Little Princess collections that also have plenty of other décor accessories like a play curtain, play tent and bean bag. All of our products are designed in line with Scandinavian style, which makes it easy to combine FLEXA products for a coherent décor, no matter if you want a neutral or more colourful children’s room.

    Besides kids bed sheets, our selection of children’s textiles also include soft pillows, quilts, rugs, and soft storage boxes, which all help complete the children’s room. Choose a decorative pillow from one of the themes like the bed sheets or play curtain, and let colours and patterns be a coherent theme.

    How do you wish to decorate your child’s bedroom? A good idea is to incorporate your kid’s needs, interests, and personality in the décor, and be creative when taking advantage of all the floor space. Make the room a fun and comfortable place, both during the day and night, with soft bed linens for kids that will help them get a good night’s sleep.