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    Many creative hours can be spent at a study desk, where kids can enjoy drawing and doing other projects, and when they get older the desk is an ideal place to do their homework. At FLEXA, we are proud to present our collection of desks that have a modern, timeless design. They will go well with the rest of the décor in any children’s room, and is an essential piece of furniture for younger and older children. At a study table, children can not only do their homework, but they can also do creative art projects or practice their drawing. Take a look at the desks from the Classic, Popsicle and Study collections to find your favourite!


    Are you looking for a kid’s study table that will go well in both a girl’s and boy’s room? We have a wide selection of desks that can be adjusted to the child as he or she grows, develops new interests and needs. You will find:

    • Adjustable desks in ergonomic design
    • Table tops with tilt function
    • Appealing designs that encourage learning and play
    • Stylish colour shades and material choices
    • Collections that can be used across the FLEXA universe


    A children’s study table has many purposes, school children can do their homework comfortably at the desk, while younger children can use it when playing. In our selection of desks, you will find that they each have their own features and fun little details that makes them appeal to children. A FLEXA desk is designed to give children the perfect setting to concentrate on their homework, while it is also a great place for children to be creative.

    At FLEXA, we have a playful and educational approach to design, and we want our products to be ideal for both purposes. In our Study collection, you find kids study desks that provide the perfect setting for concentration either when it comes to homework or an inspiring art project. The children study tables have a modern design, with rounded edges, soft colours, and adjustable height so they can fit your child perfectly for many years.


    Choosing a desk for your child that is adjustable, is a great advantage since, it can be readjusted as the child grows and that way, he or she will always have an optimal desk for their height. A FLEXA children study table also comes with the option to tilt the table top, this allows for a good posture when studying. When they get tired of sitting, or just want to stretch their legs, they can easily use the desk while standing.

    At FLEXA, we put a lot of thought into our designs so we can give children the best conditions for development, concentration, and learning and that is what they get with the optimal ergonomic design of our desks. You can find our selection of kid’s study tables in the collections; Woody, Moby and Evo, and they can all be adjusted in the hight and have their table top tilted. The desks have a modern, Scandinavian design combined with playful details, so they fit nicely into any children’s room. At FLEXA, our core values – flexibility, comfort, and optimal ergonomic design is reflected in our desks, and in the Study collection in general.


    If you are looking for a beautiful, timeless desk then take a look at our Popsicle collection, where you will find children’s study tables with drawers that come in different colours, so you can choose one that fits in either a boy’s or girl’s room. In the collections, you will also find beds, chests, wardrobes, and play tables, all in the same design and colour pallet, so you can create a coherent décor scheme. Create the room of every little girl’s dream by selecting different pieces of furniture, from the Popsicle collection, in the same dusty rose colour.

    With our kid’s study desks, we have combined modern details with quality materials in timeless colours. To us, this design makes the most sense, so the desk can be part of your child’s room for as long as possible.


    Once you have decided on the perfect desk for you child, it is time to have fun choosing the accessories including a desk chair, desk pad, drawer solutions and perhaps a lamp and bookshelves. The accessories help create the perfect setting to make the desk an inviting space, so your child feels inspired to use it. Children love to organise their crayons and notepads, so add little drawers where they can store their things, to make it the perfect space for studying and playing.