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    Older children can spend many hours a day at their desks doing homework or creative projects, and when sitting for an extended period of time, it is important to sit comfortably. Choosing a quality desk and desk chair are big factors when it comes to sitting in an optimal position. At FLEXA, we have a wide selection of children’s desk chairs in our Study collection, which are all designed with focus on comfort, quality, and ergonomic design.


    For children it can be difficult to maintain concentration for a longer period of time, and that is why assigning an area in the room that promotes contemplation, immersion and quiet time is essential. There are many ways you can go about the task of creating such an area, but with the right desk and study chair, you have already come a long way.

    In our Study collection, you will find kids desk chairs and study desks that can be adjusted to fit your child perfectly, even as they continue to grow up. The study furniture from FLEXA can grow with the child as their needs and interests change.

    Our kids desk chairs are easily mixed and matched with products from Study, as with our other collections, both in terms of colours, materials and design aesthetic. The grey, blue and rose nuances are characteristic of FLEXA furniture, and our timeless design aesthetic with inspiration form Scandinavian style can be found throughout our collections, for example in the Classic collection.


    Among our kids desk chairs, you will find classic padded chairs like Verto , which both have padded seats and back support. The Verto chairs are designed for children age 5 and up. The chairs have a tiltable backrest that can be adjusted in height, so your child can sit optimally in their chair.

    In our selection of study chairs, you will also find some that are unpadded, like the Ray chairs that also come in different colours. The Ray chair has a flexible seat that ensures good blood circulation which improves the child’s concentration. The chair has a convenient hook on the backrest, where the school bag hangs perfectly when it is time to do homework.

    Besides the Verto and Ray chairs we also have the innovative Conversa chair in our selection, this chair both have a padded seat and backrest that is shaped like the letter T. This chair can also be adjusted for optimal ergonomic seating, which allows your child to sit correctly and comfortably.


    Children develop and grow up at the speed of lightning, and that is why it can be challenging to meet their ever-changing needs. At FLEXA, we focus on flexibility when we design furniture and toys for children, so that our products will continue to be relevant and useful for children’s changing needs throughout childhood. 

    With our children’s desk chairs, we have demonstrated how to design with flexibility in mind. The chairs can all easily be adapted to fit children’s changing height as they grow up, which is practical so they do not need to be replaced. Therefore, you only need few essential pieces of FLEXA furniture, to decorate the children’s room.


    As children reach school age they really start to dream about what their future will hold. Dreaming is fun, and even their wildest dreams should be supported by parents, by giving them a space where they can outlive wild ideas and creative projects. Some children dream of becoming musicians and will practice their chords all day long, while others may dream of becoming a storyteller, so they sit at their desk writing down imaginative stories.

    Children typically have tons of different interests, and if they have one specific hobby or dream this is a good source of inspiration when decorating their room. Whether you child has a passion for music, outer space or something completely different, a study desk and a kids desk chair is a good place to let their passion unfold.


    With furniture from the Study collection you get pieces that are timeless, comfortable, and ergonomic. At FLEXA, we have a playful approach to design, and we always use quality materials to manufacture our products. With FLEXA, you get stylish pieces of furniture that will stand the test of time, and that are easy to incorporate into the existing décor in the children’s room.

    Our furniture supports children’s high energy levels and curiosity, and contribute with great comfort, so the little ones can sit for hours at their desks. Safety is our number one priority, and our children’s desk chairs have passed EU’s strictest product safety standards, so you can feel at ease knowing your child is safe. Which chair do you think will be a hit in the children’s room at your house?