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    FLEXA offers a wide range of beds for children in the ages of small toddlers to teens. To give the beds more life and to give your children the opportunity to play with add-ons for the beds, FLEXA offers accessories for the White, Popsicle, Dots, Nor and Classic collections. With our bed accessories you can truly customise the products for your child’s room so the décor can grow with your child, create joy and be useful for many years to come. 


    At FLEXA, we design flexible products that can meet the many needs that children have and develop throughout childhood. That is why we offer a wide range of accessories for our single beds, high beds and bunk beds, which can add the personal touch that children love.

    Our beds from the Classic, Popsicle, Dots, and White collections are among our most popular models, and it is certainly not without reason that the beds are sought after by both children and adults. The beds can do so much more than set the framework for a comfortable sleeping environment. Take a look at our range of bed accessories and get inspired by how your child can benefit from the accessories in everyday life. In the range of bed accessories, you will find:

    • Bed rails
    • Mirrors
    • Bedside tables
    • Blackboards
    • Book shelves and bookcases
    • Desks
    • Underbed drawers
    • Pull-out beds
    • Extra bed modules


    In our assortment of kid’s bed accessories, you will find many different options for both younger and older children. We have classic bed accessories such as bed rails that prevent the youngest from falling out of bed, and pull-out beds and extra bed modules that allow the bed to expand so a good friend can sleep over. And then, of course, there are all the other kids bed accessories that make it a true pleasure to have a FLEXA bed in the children’s room.

    Give your child his or her very own desk with the practical click-on table that can be mounted under a high bed to take advantage of the space where children can draw, do homework or immerse themselves in creative projects. Or perhaps your child would like a blackboard where they can practice letters and numbers or draw? A blackboard can also be incorporated into playtime - for example when playing school, or for presenting today’s menu from the Play Kitchen or The Shop from our Play collection. We also have beautiful bookshelves and bookcases for children's favourite books, great bedside tables, mirrors and much more.


    Our bunk bed accessories invite you to take advantage of the room's height and wall space when decorating. Many children have rooms that are small, but with our accessories it is possible to fit everything in their room without it being cluttered or unorganised.

    If you choose a high bed for the children’s room, you can in one area fit both a bed, desk, bedside table, bookshelves, mirror and storage. This is truly an effective use of the room's potential. With our flexible high bed and kids bed accessories, you can continuously adjust the bed with new accessories as your child grows and their needs change.


    At FLEXA you are guaranteed good quality for your money. We manufacture our products from the best and most durable materials, so they can last for generations. This means that our bed accessories and other products can be passed on to siblings and that they can withstand children’s sometimes rough handling. The products are timeless yet modern in their style while radiating lots of playfulness.

    Spending time in their room should be a joy for kids, both when they are awake and when they sleep. This requires well-thought-out designs, which is why we collect valuable insights into what the experts demand - namely the children themselves. We are proud to present our products designed with children in mind, and we are pleased that so many children use, play and sleep in their rooms, where FLEXA furniture forms the framework. Find new furniture and products for the children’s room at FLEXA, we are sure there is something that both you and your child will love.