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    It is important to have good storage solutions in a children’s bedroom. At FLEXA we have different types of storage options, so you can choose one that will fit into your children's room. An obvious choice is our soft storage baskets that allow you to neatly store away your child’s belongings. Take a look at our assortment of storage baskets and boxes below.


    You cannot get around the fact that children have a lot of things, and that is why storage solutions are essential in the children’s room. However, keep in mind that your child should have easy access to their things such as toys, clothes and school supplies, so they can learn to be self-sufficient. A tidy room makes playtime that much more enjoyable, especially because you know where all your toys are stored.

    FLEXA makes it easy for you to decorate a functional and inspiring children’s room with excellent options for storage. In our furniture collections you will find different storage solutions such as wardrobes, shelves, chests and storage benches form the Classic, Nor, White, Popsicle, and Dots collections. Each piece of furniture can be used on its own, or you can choose to combine them with our soft storage baskets and boxes that are perfect for organising smaller toys.


    The practical and beautiful soft storage baskets and boxes from our Room collection help keep the children’s room organised. They are available in different colours that all go well together so they can be combined. The colours on the baskets and boxes also compliment other FLEXA products and match the overall FLEXA colour palette. The soft storage solutions can store just about anything. Whether your child likes LEGO, trains, dolls, creative activities or lacks storage space for electronics, clothes and school supplies, the storage boxes and baskets can help keep things organised. Choose baskets in different colours and assign different things for each one like toys, clothes and electronics, which will help your child tidy up their room.

    You find our soft storage options for the children's bedroom in our Room collection where boxes and baskets are available in sets of two with one small and one big box. The baskets are produced from Oeko-Tex certified cotton that is suitable for washing at 40 degrees, should they get dirty or dusty. The cover can be turned inside out, so you can have fun and play around with creating a unique look for the children’s room. Older children will especially like this feature, as they often have strong opinions when it comes to the décor in their room.


    With our soft storage solutions for the children's bedroom you get products that are timeless in their design and that will fit nicely into any children’s room or in a living room play nook. Once you have the storage solutions you need in place, you can freely decorate the rest of the room. A great advantage of having storage baskets and boxes is that they are easy to move around, and you can always add more, if you suddenly need more space for storage. Our soft storage solutions are also made from durable cotton, so they can withstand everyday wear and tear, which means that you can enjoy them for many years to come.


    In a children's bedroom a space for playtime, learning, relaxation and restful sleep is essential. At FLEXA we design products that help promote Sleep, Study and Play, because these three aspects form the foundation for happy children. All children deserve to sleep well and have an inspiring space where they can play and study. With FLEXA furniture and products for the children’s room you can create the optimal setting for a blissful childhood.

    We regard children as our most valued experts, and we always consult them for input. We know that well-thought out design and great craftsmanship makes a huge difference. And we are proud to design safe, functional and Scandinavian home décor from clean materials, so you know that you child is safe when choosing FLEXA. Start decorating the children’s room by taking a look at our different soft storage options for the children's bedroom. Children’s needs and preferences are constantly changing as they mature and grow up, and with flexible products from FLEXA it is easier to decorate and organise all the big and smaller things in their room.