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5 Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Playing

by Lola Jensen

One of the best things you can give your child is the gift of play. When you make room for play, you nurture your child’s imagination, creativity, social skills, communication skills, motor skills, and so much more. It’s through play, your little one prepares for all aspects of life. Here are four ways you can encourage your child’s playing. 


  • You can kickstart your child’s playing by:  
    • Providing your child with make-believe toys that kickstart their role playing.  
    • Selecting multi-functional, open-ended toys that inspire your child’s imagination.  
    • Helping your little one restart the game – again and again, and… well again.  
    • Leaving your child’s toys out for the next day. 
    • Making sure your child’s toys are organised and accessible. 

Family advisor, Lola Jensen, gives us her best tips to encourage playtime for little playful minds. Read her tips below. 

1. You’re a Source of Inspiration 

“Our children teach us to see the world in new ways – they’re a constant source of inspiration for us adults. And so are we to them! It’s great fun for children to try and copy their parents, and with make-believe toys like Workbenches and Tools, you make it both fun and easy for your little one to replay your every move, when you go around completing practical tasks.” 

2. Select Multi-Functional Toys

“Often, toys that instruct your little one leave little to the imagination. And they can be used only once. So, my advice is: go for multi-functional, open-ended toys which can be used for all kinds of games. Geometric Building Blocks, for example, can easily represent anything in your child’s fantasy world.” 

3. Restart the Game – Again and Again

“As a parent, you have probably experienced how your little one needs help to get back in the game, and often more than once. When this happens, go back and forth between your own tasks and your child, and ask simple questions, like ‘where is this Car going?’  or  what are you preparing for dinner in your Kitchen?’ This will bring your child back on track and advance your child’s playtime.” 

4. Leave it Out Overnight

“Children get so excited when they wake up and find their games from yesterday are still out  on the living room floor. It means they get to jump right back into their fun games, and it shows them their toys are just as important as the adults’ things. Plus, you can sit back and  relax for a moment longer instead of tidying up – win-win!” 

5. Make your Child’s Toys Accessible 

“With toys spread out all over the place, it can be hard for children to decide which toys to  play with. On the other hand, when things are too tidy, it’s hard for the little ones to come up  with new playtime ideas. So, make sure the boxes with your child’s toys are just the right  amount of organised. The Cars belong in the same box as the Car tracks, and the Toolbox has a place near your child’s Workbench, but they are still accessible and right at hand when  your child needs them.”  

Have fun playing! 


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