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    At night your child needs peace and comfort, so that all new impressions can be processed. Quality sleep boosts your child's ability to focus, remember and be creative, just as sleep is crucial to the successful development of your child's learning abilities.

    Well-rested children is important

    Well-rested children are healthier and happier. They have more energy and a better foundation for learning than children who have had a poor night’s sleep. Our brains aren’t fully developed until the age of 21, and until then a good night's sleep is one of the brain's most important building blocks. 

    It is especially important for younger children to get a good, long sleep every night. With a FLEXA mattress you’re well on your way to secure a good, healthy, and safe sleep for your little one – even through growth spurts and motor milestones.    

    Find the PrefectPerfect Mattress and Cover 

    We advise you to choose according to your child's weight and build, and to consider their individual needs as well. For instance, an antibacterial mattress cover might be a good idea, if your little one suffers from sensitive skin or allergies. Or, if your baby tends to sweat at night, a ventilating mattress with cooling gel might help them sleep better.