Return Policy

Due to summer vacation, response time may be higher.

You have 14 days right of return when you shop at FLEXA.

You shall download this Return Form.

Condition of Returned Items
A good must be returned in its original condition, but you are allowed to examine the good in the same way you examine it in a shop. In other words, we expect the good, including packaging, to be intact and in such a condition it can be sold again. If not the right of return lapses.

Refunding the Purchase Costs
Should you have changed your mind about a purchase, we refund the full amount you paid for the product(s). In case the good(s) have decreased in value, which you are liable for, the value loss will be deducted from the purchase costs.

We refund the purchase costs to the account you write on the return delivery note. The good(s) MUST be in our care and examined before we can refund the purchase costs. This may take up to 14 days.

The costs of the return delivery are your responsibility.

What Should I Enclose in my Return Delivery?
Please enclose a copy of the invoice and a completed return delivery note.

Please note! We do not accept packages sent cash on delivery.