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    Pregnancy is a magical time, but there are many decisions that needs to be made before your baby is born. First and foremost, it is important to choose where the baby should sleep and finding the perfect bed for your little one.

    In families with a newborn, sleep is on everyone’s mind. And that is whether the baby is a good sleeper or needs more encouragement to fall asleep, and stay that way. Children, and especially babies need a lot of sleep, and in a FLEXA cot your baby can sleep soundly, feeling secure and comfortable. Below you will find our selection of baby cots that are all timeless and stylish in their design.


    Our baby cots are meant for the youngest children in the family age 0-3, and we are proud to present more innovative beds for your baby or young child. In our assortment you will, among other things, find the classic, Scandinavian inspired cot from the Dots collection. The cot is made of MDF with legs in solid ash that are coloured so the cot matches the other products in the popular Play collection. The Dots cot, which is designed by Charlotte Høncke, is sturdy and has a modern design that will go well with other pieces of furniture in the bedroom or nursery. The mattress platform can be lowered into two different heights.


    At FLEXA, we design quality furniture with focus on functionality. If you want a baby cot with many flexible features, you should take a look at the cot from our Baby collection, designed by famous Hans Sandgren. The cot is designed with inspiration form Scandinavian design tradition, and is manufactured from beech wood. The oval, organic shapes bring a unique look to the cot, and makes it safe for children.

    The cot from our Baby collection can be altered in five different ways that fits the child changing needs as he or she grows up. When your baby is first born, the cot is used with the mattress platform raised. As the little one becomes more mobile, the platform is lowered to ensure their safety. With an older child that is also more independent, you can remove the middle three bars from the cot, so the child can crawl out of bed by themselves. Later, the front can be altogether removed to convert the cot into a little sofa. You can even attach wheels to the legs of the cot, so it is easy to move from room to room, depending on where the baby should sleep. Once your baby is too big for the cot, typically around the age of three, a junior bed or single bed is the natural choice for a new bed. At FLEXA, we have beds for kids of all age, both when they are babies and later as teenagers, so no matter the age they can get a good night’s sleep in a FLEXA bed.


    A good night’s sleep in a comfortable cot is paramount for every baby’s development and growth. To make the cot an inviting and comfortable place to sleep, a baby mattress, a soft duvet, and beautiful bed linen is essential. Check out our Baby and Sleep collections where you will find everything you need to decorate the perfect space for the little one to sleep. In the baby cot, a baby bumper is indispensable and so is a quality mattress and a duvet with soft bed linen. All of our products have a timeless design so it is easy to decorate the nursery, and the rest of the home with FLEXA furniture no matter if you are first time parents or already know the drill.


    It is a special task to be parents, and there is something quite magical about watching your child as they continually develop throughout their childhood. At FLEXA, quality and safety are the two most important factors when we design products for children, and all of designs have passed EU’s strictest safety- and quality standards, so you can feel at ease knowing you child is safe with FLEXA furniture in the home. We consider children to be the experts, and they are a great help for us, when they test our products, so we can continue to stay on top of what kids like and dislike. With a FLEXA cot, you get a bed that is designed to grow with the child, made from quality materials and with a focus on good craftsmanship, so one cot is all you need from newborn to toddler. In their cot, your baby can sleep soundly, play, and dream.