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Kids' Chests of Drawers

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    Children’s toys take up more space than you’d think, and they quickly start piling up. To help get your children’s toy collection under control, you can add some more storage space to your children’s room with one or more children's chests of drawers. We offer a wide range of children’s chests of drawers that are not only practical but will also fit perfectly into any kind of décor in the children’s room. Encouraging your children to help tidy up their toys is an excellent way of developing their independence and cleanliness. With the right storage in place, it’s a lot easier for them to learn to be tidy. You can find many different chests of drawers in our Classic, Roomie, Popsicle, and Nor collections.

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    A kid’s chest of drawers has many different purposes. It can be used as a wardrobe for your child's clothes, but it can also be used to store toys, games, and other things in your child's room. At FLEXA, you will find chests in high-quality materials that will last a lifetime. Every child needs lots of storage, and it’s essential that your child can easily access its toys and clothes. Our children’s chests of drawers are made to fit under a FLEXA mid-sleeper or a high bed, providing an efficient utilisation of the space in your child's room.


    Our children’s chests of drawers are made to last a lifetime. They are manufactured from quality wood and MDF and treated with environmentally friendly paint. Nothing is more important to us than your child’s safety, and all our products live up to EU’s strictest product safety standards. This means that you can feel completely safe choosing our kid’s chests of drawers for practical and cosy storage solutions in your child’s room.