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    Kids come with a lot of baggage, literally. You will need storage solutions that can hold their clothes, shoes, toys, and all other essentials. As they grow older, kids start to make little projects like bead plates and LEGO creations that they will want to keep, which puts even greater demand on your practical storage solutions. At FLEXA, we have a wide selection of kids’ shelves perfect for the children’s room. On a children's bookshelf, your little ones can store and display all of their favourite projects during the years. You can find kids’ bookshelves in our Classic, Roomie, and Dots collections.


    Using kids’ bookshelves, bookcases, or wardrobes when decorating is a great way to take advantage of the height in the children’s room, rather than trying to fit everything on the floor area. This frees up much more space for playing and having fun. The children’s shelves can hold decorative items, books, toys, clothes or special treasures that your child would like to exhibit - for example, drawings in a frame, beautiful stones from the beach or the latest LEGO creations.


    The designs of our children’s bookshelves are based on children’s needs. At FLEXA, we believe children are the experts, and we have more than 50 years of experience designing toys and furniture for children. All the kids’ shelves are easy to integrate into the decor of the children's room. They are characterised by their organic design with soft, rounded edges and their Nordic look that fits perfectly into the modern, Scandinavian home. We believe that great quality and safety is a given when designing for children, and all our products are approved according to EU's strictest quality and safety requirements.


    Kids grow up quickly, and their needs change constantly. To avoid having to change the furniture in the children’s room all the time, finding flexible solutions that can be adapted when your child’s needs change, is ideal. All our kids’ bookshelves have different functions, and we strive to design furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing, flexible, and functional. The simple colour palette leaves space for creativity, so you can let your imagination unfold, while you decorate the perfect room for your child, which embraces both Sleep, Play, and Study.

    The kids’ shelves from the Dots collection are created with children’s needs in mind, but still maintains a style that parents want in their home. This gives you the opportunity to decorate a functional and aesthetically pleasing children's room with space for both playfulness and practical solutions.


    Children enjoy being read to, and when they get older, they spend time reading by themselves or for their parents. Most children love to imagine themselves in the different universes that are told in books. Therefore, there need to be enough storage in the children’s room, for, not only toys, but also all the books that hold their favourite stories. If you hang the children's shelves within reach for your children, the books on display will be easily accessible for them, which encourages reading whenever the desire strikes.


    The children’s room has many purposes, and it can be difficult to combine into one room that both you and your child will be pleased with. However, the storage units in the Roomie collection can easily be customised to fit any need. All the units fit perfectly together, giving you the opportunity to create your own, unique storage solution, keep the children’s room organised, and free up more space and time for playing and having fun.