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    For 5-year-old children, the world is a place full of possibilities. That’s why the best toys for 5-year-olds allow for both physical activities, deep concentration, friendly competition, and creative thinking – all in one day. FLEXA toys rise to the task of being both fun and educational for 5-year-old kids. Browse through our selection and find your child’s new favourite learning toys.  


    It’s great when a toy is fun to play with. But it’s even better when a toy is both fun AND educational, teaching your 5-year-old new skills while they play and have fun. FLEXA toys specifically encourages little children to MOVE, CREATE, IMAGINE, and EXPLORE - sometimes all at once.  

    A great example is our balance board. With this seemingly simple piece of wood, your imaginative 5-year-old can improve their gross motor skills through cool balance and jumping games. Or they can have fun flipping the board around and turning it into a bridge for toy cars and trains. It’s all about the imagination!  


    At FLEXA, we design quality toys that are safe for both children and the environment. Our toys are manufactured from natural materials and free from harmful toxins. We think this is only sensible. Our toys live up to EU’s strictest products safety standards, so you can safely relax when your child is playing with their new FLEXA toy.