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    During the first year of your baby’s life, you will spend a lot of time at the changing table, changing countless diapers at all hours of the day. But the changing table is also where you will change your baby’s clothes, help him or her with neck exercises, and connect with lots of eye contact. At the changing unit you will spend valuable hours with your baby during those first few months and years. It is important that the baby changing area works for you – and if you are looking for a flexible baby changing table in great quality, the FLEXA changing unit is just for you!


    The most important thing when choosing a changing table, is to get one at an optimal height, so you can learn in over the baby for eye contact. Choosing a table with lots of storage is also great, so you can keep clothes, diapers, wipes, and other essentials close at hand. Below you will find our selection of baby changing tables with drawers, shelves, or doors so you can decide on the storage solution that best fits your needs and the table that works in your home.

    The base of the changing table is a regular chest or cupboard from our Roomie collection, where a changing unit is placed on top. Once your baby is older, and the changing table is no longer needed, you can use the chest or cupboard as storage in the children’s room, this practical solution allows the piece of furniture to be adapted and continue to be useful as the child grows up, and his or her needs change. You can even attach Roomie legs on the chest or cupboard, to give it a different look if you wish to easily change the décor in the room a little bit.

    If your children are sharing a room, the FLEXA baby changing table is a practical piece of furniture that allows you to have a changing table for the youngest, and the storage solution is great for storing older siblings’ toys and clothes.


    The FLEXA baby changing table is made of MDF, and is very easy to clean. There is a hole at the top of the changing unit, which makes it easy to access water and other essentials, without getting it within the baby’s reach. Babies are very inquisitive, and everything they can get their hands on will be thoroughly checked out, by touching it, and putting it in their mouths. As they get older, and more mobile, babies will become more impatient during changing time, which will test their parents’ skills at changing diapers fast. With a FLEXA changing unit, you can easily, and fast, change your baby’s diaper, so they can be on their way exploring the world around them.

    In our Baby collection you will find cute changing mats for boys and girls that complete the changing unit, and makes it a cosy and soft place for a baby to lay down. In the collection, you will also find a baby cot, high chairs and other products for the little one in the family. The baby furniture is all manufactured in neutral colours, so they will match any accessories that you wish to decorate the baby’s room with.


    Babies do not take up much space prior to them learning how to crawl and walk. Yet, in a home where space is tight, it can be a struggle to fit in a changing table. The great thing about the FLEXA changing table is that you have the option to turn the unit, so the table takes up less space, when it is not used. Flexible features are characterized by all of our designs, which goes hand in hand with great craftmanship. Safety is also among our design characteristics, and that is why all children’s furniture have rounded, soft edges, and drawers come with soft close, so no fingers will get pinched.


    At FLEXA, we design and manufacture products that are meant to last and stay relevant in families for many years. Our products are manufactured from quality materials, so they can withstand wear and tear through the years, and in our designs, we make sure that our furniture can grow with the child, and be adapted to fit their changing needs. Once your baby is grown up, and the changing table is no longer needed, you can remove the changing unit and use it as a regular cupboard or chest, and store clothes, bed linen, books, or toys in it, in order to have a tidy children’s room. You can combine it with other units from the Roomie collection, to customize the exact storage solution that works for your needs. 

    The Roomie units, which the baby changing table is also build around, have passed EU’s strictest product safety standards, so your child will be safe with FLEXA furniture in their room. If you need a changing table for your baby, the Roomie collection is a safe choice.