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    When you have children, you will often find yourself in need of more storage space, so you have somewhere to put their clothes, toys, and other items. Practical storage solutions are great, and can be incorporated in the children’s room and other places in the house. At FLEXA, we have taken on the task of manufacturing a range of wardrobes in wood and high quality MDF that will look great in any kids’ bedroom. Our children’s wardrobes are not only practical for storage, but they also look great and have a timeless, Scandinavian design that can blend into the interior of any home.


    Beautiful design can elevate your home and make it look stylish; wardrobes are practical but should also be beautiful to look at. At FLEXA we have created a line of different children’s wardrobes that have a timeless design with inspiration from Scandinavian design tradition. You will find our FLEXA wardrobes in the Roomie, Classic, Nor, and Popsicle collections.

    The FLEXA children’s wardrobes in wood and high quality MDF come in different styles and sizes, so you can choose one that fits your needs now and in the future. Our furniture is designed with flexibility in mind, and the same is true of the wardrobes that can be combined by putting them next to, or on top, of each other. Once your child matures and their needs changes, you can also adapt the wardrobes to fit their preferences when it comes to storage.


    A children’s wardrobe from FLEXA can serve many purposes and store whatever you need it to. Children can store their clothes in the wardrobe, but it also works well as storage space for children’s different toys such as dolls, games, and books that needs to be easily accessible when children are in the mood to play with it. Our FLEXA wardrobes come with flexible solutions for you to customise, to get what you need in a wardrobe. Choose what you need in terms of hangers, shelves, and drawers so you get the best wardrobe for your children’s needs, and modify it later if their needs changes.

    As children grown up, their collection of toys will grow and so will the need for extra storage. It is important when storing toys that children can easily get them themselves. They become more self-reliant, and their toys will be used more often, when they are easily accessible. All of our kids’ wardrobes are designed to fit under the FLEXA high bed, which is a practical way to decorate the children’s room, so they can have as much floor space as possible to play around on.


    The FLEXA wardrobes are made from natural, high quality materials that have been treated with an environmentally friendly lacquer or paint. We always choose the sturdiest wood or MDF, so our furniture will last generations, and can be enjoyed by families for many years. The beautiful wardrobes are available in different colours and wood species, so you can find a wardrobe that matches your style.


    At FLEXA, we are proud of what we design, and are committed to manufacturing the best possible furniture and toys for kids. We draw on more than 50 years of experience designing furniture and toys for children and our extensive knowledge helps up make safe, quality products for children.

    Our furniture and toys all live up to EU’s strictest product safety standards, so you can feel good about letting our products into your home. All of our drawers are equipped with “soft-close”, preventing little fingers from getting pinched. The Roomie wardrobe and drawers have soft, rounded edges so they are easy for children to get into, without pinching their fingers. All of our wardrobes also come with anti-tilt that keeps it firmly in place.


    At FLEXA our focus areas are Sleep, Study, and Play. These three areas form the pillars of our aspiration to create children’s rooms where kids feel inspired to play and have fun, a place they can retreat to and study, and finally a peaceful place to fall sleep at night. We keep these things in mind, when we design furniture, textiles, and toys for children.

    Decorate the kids’ bedroom with FLEXA furniture and customise it to suit their changing needs as they grow up. When decorating a children’s room there are many considerations and decisions to make before it is done, and both parents and children are happy. Choose FLEXA furniture and create a room with space for storage, fun play time, restful sleep, and needed relaxation.

    A FLEXA wardrobe in wood or MDF is a good starting point when decorating a children’s room, and once you have decided on a storage solution the rest of the decor can fall into place. Think in terms of the bigger, and essential furniture next, and then go into the little details to add personality and make the room cosy. At FLEXA, we have everything you need to decorate the perfect children’s bedroom, no matter if your child is a new born, toddler, or school kid.