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    Explore our beds with a slide, offering a start to every morning filled with fun and a dreamy glide into imagination at night. More than just a sleeping space, these beds are a playground, an adventure zone, and a key element in nurturing your child's motor and social skills. 

    With designs from our Classic, White, and Nor collections, you'll find the perfect bed to transform your child's room into their own personal playground.

    FLEXA’s Bed with a Slide Brings the Joy of Sliding

    Imagine the excitement in your child's eyes as they greet each day with a slide out of bed. These beds turn a simple act of getting up into a moment of joy. They're a ticket to fun, fostering a playful environment right in your child's bedroom. 

    With sizes like 90x200, these beds with a slide are spacious and perfectly fitted for a fulfilling sliding experience.

    Our Beds Promote Development

    Our beds with a slide do more than provide fun. They're tools for development. Sliding requires coordination and balance, aiding in the enhancement of your child's motor skills. The slide becomes a focal point for social interaction — perfect for playdates, encouraging your child to learn about sharing and taking turns.

    We Always Think Safety First

    At FLEXA, we understand that fun should never compromise safety. Our beds with a slide are designed with raised sides, functioning as guardrails, ensuring a safe sliding experience every time. Crafted to meet the strictest EU product safety standards, these beds provide the assurance that your little adventurer is always in safe hands.

    Explore Our Collection Highlights

    The Classic Collection

    Our beds with a slide in the Classic Collection combine timeless design with durable materials, offering a safe and stylish addition to your child's room. Their robust structure ensures longevity, while the slide adds a touch of joy.

    The White Collection

    Sleek and modern, the beds with a slide from our White Collection bring a fresh, clean look to any room. They seamlessly blend fun with elegance, making them a perfect choice for those parents who love a contemporary touch.

    The Nor Collection

    For those who appreciate minimalist design, the Nor Collection offers beds with a slide that are simple yet sophisticated. These beds strike a balance between fun and fashion, adding a unique element to your child's bedroom.

    Our beds with a slide are gateways to fun, tools for development, and safe havens for rest. Whether you choose from our Classic, White, or Nor collection, you're sure to bring a smile to your child's face. 

    Let your little one slide into fun, safety, and comfort with a FLEXA bed. Watch their room transform into a world of adventure and imagination.