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    Children love to organise their things into containers and drawers. With FLEXA’s kids desk accessories your child has lots of options for storing their pencils, notepads, and crayons, so they will have a tidy desk with room to immerse themselves into creative projects or homework. The desks and study chairs from our Study collection, are perfect for creating a study area in the bedroom that feels inviting. Add functional decorations to the study area, such as a writing pad, a lamp, and drawer solutions for storage. Both younger and older children, will love to do their homework in such a setting.


    Children are experts at storing their favourite belongings into little containers and drawers. Decorate their study area with our children’s desk accessories, so your child can help organize the perfect space for them to do their homework, draw, or play with Lego. The accessories will help keep the study area tidy, and you can add storage solutions from our Popsicle collection, for easy access to books and playthings. The dressers and bookcases from Popsicle match the desk drawers in style and colour. Help you child organise their bigger playthings in the Popsicle furniture, while little treasures and lucky objects are perfect to place around the study area, so they are always close at hand.

    Among our selection of drawers for desks, you will find the innovative EVO plastic drawer with 12 compartments that fits perfectly with the EVO desks from the Study collection. The drawer is available in beautiful colours that both boys and girls will love. The 12 little compartments vary in size and are perfect of storing pencils, erasers, ruler, and other essentials. The MOBY desk drawer is also great for organizing small things, and this drawer allows you to adapt the compartments to your needs with the magnetic oak bars.


    Although our study desks are sturdy, it is still a good idea to protect it with a desk pad to keep it looking new, for as long as possible. It is impossible to avoid everyday wear and tear, but with a desk pad you can keep stubborn stains, and pencil marks away. 

    In our Study collection you will find children’s desk accessories, including desk pads in see-through plastic that can be put on the desk for messy projects, and rolled up again afterwards. In the collection you will also find more exclusive desk pads in metal with a synthetic leather surface, these desk pads both look good and protect against stains. These pads are available in multiple colours that match the EVO study desks. The desk pads also have a practical, magnetic oak bar that can keep books and papers securely in place, even as the table top is tilted. The tilt function on our desks allow your child to always be comfortable while either sitting or standing at the desk when doing their homework, reading a good book, or drawing.


    For most kids, getting their first desk is a big thing. Our desks from the Popsicle and Study collections grow with the child, and the same is true of our children’s desk accessories that continually can be adapted to your kids’ changing needs and interests. Drawer solutions, storage boxes, and bookcases can be emptied and refilled to fit your child’s interests and hobbies. The colour pallet is kept in nice, light tones combined with natural wood, which ensures an aesthetically pleasing and timeless look.


    Is your child’s study area messy? If so, our selection of kids desk accessories can be a great help to tidy up the space. Our practical storage solutions, in a timeless design, will look good in any children’s bedroom, and will make the study space an inspiring place to do homework.

    If the children’s bedroom feels a bit cramped a high bed from our Classic collection is a great investment, where a desk from the same collection can be placed underneath to save space. You can also decorate a corner in your home with a desk for the little one, they will love being close to their parents while they do homework, or play at their desk. With the kids desk accessories, it is easy for your child to keep a tidy desk that will look great in a living room as well.