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    Sleep above and study below. A bed with a desk is a practical way to utilize limited space in your child's bedroom. By adding an under-bed desk, you can easily transform the space under your child's bed into a dedicated workspace, where your little school child can retreat to do homework, draw and craft, and share what they like to do with his friends.

    You'll find kids’ beds with desks in our Classic , White and Nor collections and everything you need to create a great workspace in our study collection.

    Quality and safety

    Our beds with desks for children are made from durable materials with soft, rounded edges so your child won't get hurt if they hit a corner. All our beds comply with the strictest EU product safety standards, so you can have complete confidence your child is safe. At FLEXA, we design furniture with flexibility in mind, so you can easily change the design of the room as your child's needs and preferences change.

    Maximizing space in your child’s bedroom

    Maximizing space in your child’s bedroom is crucial for fostering an environment where they can play, learn, and grow. As children explore their world and express their creativity, they need a room that can accommodate both their imagination and their belongings.

    Multi-functional furniture, like this white kids’ bed with desk, is an excellent solution for compact spaces. These beds elevate the sleeping area, freeing up valuable floor space for a built-in desk below. This clever design eliminates the need for separate furniture pieces and opens up the room for more creative play. With everything from drawing to building block cities, children can enjoy a clear area to spread out their projects and play without feeling confined.

    Importance of an organized study area

    An organized study area is a cornerstone of effective learning and development for children. It provides them with a clear and defined space to focus, away from the distractions of play areas or communal family space.

    In the context of a bedroom, where space can be limited, a desk bed is especially beneficial. The design integrates a study area into the child’s personal space, ensuring that they have a permanent spot for homework, reading, and educational activities.