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Children’s Mattresses 90x190 cm

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    Find the perfect 90x190 mattress for your child’s bed – whether it’s a single bed, mid sleeper, high bed, house bed, or any other favourite bed type. A FLEXA kid’s mattress measuring 90x190 is always a safe choice.

    FLEXA kids’ mattresses are premium quality. They are made for growing children who constantly go through different development stages. Our 90x190 kids’ mattresses are no exceptions, as they can easily last an entire childhood. But with so many options to choose from, how do you pick the right mattress for your child?

    The Right Mattress for Your Child

    Finding the right mattress for your growing child is no easy task. To make the right choice, we recommend you select a mattress that matches your child's weight.

    • Children under 40 kg: choose a foam or latex mattress that can easily adapt to your child’s movements. Latex is also allergy friendly, as dust mites cannot survive in the material – plus latex is great for regulating your little one’s body temperature at night.
    • Children over 50 kg: you can safely choose a mattress with springs, as your child is now heavy enough for the springs to give just the right support for their back.

    For more tips on choosing the right kids’ mattress, have a look at our Mattress Guide.