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    5 tips for an Ergonomic Study Posture

    Fine Motor Skills and School Readiness

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    FLEXA Study is a collection intended for school- and preschool-aged children who need a space for doing homework, working on creative projects or simply relaxing in their own company or with friends. The collection consists of FLEXA study tables and desk chairs in ergonomic design that ensure the comfort of your child at all times, so he or she can concentrate on the activity they are doing.


    Children concentrate and learn best when they are sitting on chairs and working at desks with an ergonomic design that cooperates with their natural energy. Understanding that a combination of concentration and physical movement fosters a safe learning culture, FLEXA introduces a collection of mobile desks and chairs reflecting the core principles of ergonomic design for children.

    To ensure the optimal learning environment for the child, both chairs and study tables can be adjusted in height, and selected study desks have a table top that can be tilted to achieve an even better posture when studying. Several of the desk chairs can be adjusted in depth to give the child superior seating comfort, regardless of age and size.


    It is neither healthy for children nor adults to sit still for too long or to sit with a posture, that isn’t ergonomically correct. Therefore, it is important to choose a desk and desk chair that will fit the person who needs the furniture. Although optimal ergonomic is by far the most important, a nice and well-thought-out design also matters so the little ones feel inspired to focus and be creative.

    The design of the furniture in the FLEXA Study collection is stylish and harmonious with rounded shapes that give the furniture a playful look and add to its safety. The colour palette consists of well-balanced Nordic shades, which makes it easy to integrate the furniture into the existing interior of the children's room. The right framework inspires learning, and with FLEXA Study you get a collection that gives children the desire to learn, practice and constantly become more proficient. Practice makes perfect, and it often takes hard work to achieve your dreams, but fortunately, it can also be fun along the way.


    Learning new things should be fun, at least most of the time, and you can help you child to stay motivated for studying by decorating an undisturbed space in the home where they to do their homework or a creative project.

    You will find our assortment of FLEXA study tables in the Moby, Woody, Popsicle and Evo series, where desks are available in several different colours. FLEXA study desks are all sturdy so they can withstand being used every single day throughout childhood. In this way, the chosen FLEXA study desk can be passed on to siblings when another child reaches school age and needs a functional desk.

    In addition to desks, we also have a wide range of desk chairs, including the classic, upholstered Verto chairs as well as the more modern Conversa and Ray chairs. The desk chairs can be adjusted in height, and the backrest and seat depth can be adjusted as well, ensuring the most optimal sitting position.

    Last but not least, the FLEXA Study collection also consists of various accessories for the child's desk space, including desk pads that protect the desk from scratches and streaks from writing utensils, as well as bag hooks for hanging the school bag, and Moby and Evo drawers to keep the desk space neat. Thus, there is ample opportunity to tailor the desk space to suit the needs and interests of the individual child. Let the kids organise and sort their things into the little boxes and drawers - they love it!


    If you choose furniture from the FLEXA Study collection, you can feel comfortable letting your child use the furniture every single day. In addition to being ergonomic in design, Study products have also passed EU's strictest quality and safety requirements. The furniture is made from durable materials, such as metal, laminate, MDF and solid pine, with rounded corners to avoid sharp edges. Both desks and desk chairs are easily adjusted to fit the child perfectly.


    Dreaming about the future can be a lot of fun, and especially in childhood there is plenty of room for the child to try out various future dreams through play and adventurous imagination. When the child reaches school age, small and big dreams start to surface, and many children will find one particular interest or hobby that they really like. Children’s interests can change almost from one day to the next, and their room must reflect this unpredictability, it should be a nice space for play, learning and dreaming both at night and during the day.