Wood is the optimal material for kid’s furniture and toys. It’s soft to touch and it’s strong, natural, and safe.

Made for Future Generations

Green Energy
Since 2022, we only use green energy in our factories where we produce the majority of our wooden products. This is an important step on our journey towards CO₂ neutrality. 

Long-Lasting Products
Our products are made to grow with your child, and the quality materials and timeless design make sure that you can pass them on from one generation to the next.

Recycled Certified Wood
We use FSC® FSC-C010803 and PEFC/19-31-14 certified wood and recycle all waste wood in our production. Any leftover sawdust is put to good use heating our factories.

Sustainable Surface Treatments
To preserve our wood, we use a lacquer that is water-based and completely free of any harmful substances.

Packaging & Transport
We strive to use only recycled packing material, and our products are flat packed which means less fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions.