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Kids’ Wooden Storage Benches

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    A storage bench for kids might be a small furniture, but it comes with a lot of benefits. You can store your child’s games, building blocks, stuffed animals, and much more under the seat, making it both fun and easy to tidy up and keep organised. Plus, with a toy storage bench, you little one can go and get their toys without asking for help - and this is something that really boosts their confidence.


    Toddlers and little children like to play close to where their parents are. We intentionally designed our wooden storage benches with smooth features and soft colours, so they match well with your living room furniture. Place your toddler’s bench in the common room and allow for spontaneous play whenever inspiration sparks.

    A children’s bench with storage is also perfect for hallways. Here, your little one can sit and tie their shoes, and you can store all your child’s outerwear in one place. When it’s time for your child to get a semi-high bed, you can create a cosy nook with your kid’s bedroom bench under the bed – making use of every cubic meter in your child’s room.


    Like everything we design at FLEXA, our storage benches for kids live up to the highest standards of safety. We designed our kids’ storage benches with soft close and carved handles, so you can be sure no fingers will get pinched, and our furniture has soft, rounded edges to ensure your child is always safe when playing.