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Wooden Balance Bikes

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    A balance bike is an ideal first bike for little boys and girls, teaching them to balance on two wheels and kickstarting their biking skills. Steering the bike through the house helps develop your little one’s balance and body control and prepares your toddler for riding a traditional bike with pedals.  


    The balance bike has no pedals. Your child pushes the bike along with a running movement, and this builds up strength in your child’s legs, just as avoiding hitting obstacles around the house develops your child’s spatial awareness and navigational skills. As your child develops, so does your little cyclist’s can-do spirit, courage, and self-confidence. Who’s ready for a ride? 


    Our designers have put a lot of thought into our wooden balance bike to make sure it’s both safe and functional for your kid to ride. We have chosen broad rubber wheels to support your child’s balance and minimise noise. The wooden balance bike from FLEXA is made from pure, sturdy, and long-lasting materials, making the balance bike safe for kids to ride – again, and again, and well… again. 

    At FLEXA, we design quality toys that are safe for both children and the environment, as they are manufactured from natural materials and are free from harmful toxins. We are mindful of protecting both children and nature, when we manufacture and design our products – we think this is only sensible. Our toys live up to EU’s strictest products safety standards, so you can safely relax when your child is playing with a FLEXA toy.