Black friday Children’s Mattresses 90x190 cm

Black friday Children’s Mattresses 90x190 cm

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    Black Friday deals on 90x190 mattresses and beds at FLEXA

    Black Friday marks one of the most awaited shopping events of the year, with many discounts and unbeatable deals. Originally rooted in American tradition as the day after Thanksgiving, it has since become a global phenomenon, drawing shoppers from all over the world to search for the best deal.

    This year, make sure you seize the chance to grab the best Black Friday mattress deal for the 90x190 size at FLEXA.

    Dreamy comfort for kids

    We know how vital restful sleep is, especially during the formative years of a child’s life.

    That’s why our mattresses are expertly designed to pair with our beds from the classic single bed to the cosy house bed.

    By choosing from our selection of 90x190 mattresses on our Black Friday sale, you can ensure quality and years of comfort.

    Crafted to last an entire childhood, each mattress comes with covers tailored to your child’s needs: cotton, eucalyptus and bamboo.

    And for the complete sleep environment, you can check out our duvets and pillows for children.

    In addition to our special Black Friday offer on 90x190 mattresses, you can also explore sizes ranging from 60x120 for a baby to 140x200 and 90x200 for older children.

    Upgrade your child's sleep experience with FLEXA's Black Friday deals, providing comfort with our mattresses and expertly crafted beds designed for kids.