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    When it comes to choosing the perfect bed for your child, durability, safety, and a touch of fun are paramount. FLEXA's semi-high beds in size 90x200 tick all these boxes. We offer a blend of sturdy materials and innovative designs that go well with the needs of growing children. 

    Semi-high beds made of durable materials

    Our semi-high beds 90x200 are renowned for their durability. The use of solid oak, pine, and MDF not only guarantees the bed's longevity but also its ability to withstand the energetic play of children. 

    These materials are chosen for their strength, ensuring that the bed remains a safe and stable fixture in your child's room. Additionally, the timeless design of these materials means the bed will continue to look great year after year.

    Fun and functionality combined

    One of the unique features of FLEXA semi-high beds in size 90x200 is the option to add a ladder or slide, transforming an ordinary bed into an exciting playground. Starting the day with a slide out of bed adds an element of fun to your child's morning routine. 

    This feature makes the bedroom a cool spot they'll love showing off to friends. The flexibility to add or remove the slide ensures that the bed can evolve with your child's changing tastes and needs.

    Whether it's transitioning from a bed with a slide to a more traditional setup or vice versa, FLEXA beds are designed to accommodate these changes with ease.

    90x200 semi-high beds in various colors

    Understanding that children and parents have varied preferences, we offer four distinct collections: Classic, Nor, Popsicle, and White. Each collection boasts a unique design aesthetic, ensuring that you can find a bed that perfectly matches your child's bedroom theme and your home's décor. From the timeless elegance of the Classic collection to the vibrant colors of the Popsicle range, there's a FLEXA bed to suit every style.

    More than just semi-high beds

    While our semi-high beds in size 90x200 are a popular choice for children's bedrooms, the brand also offers an array of single beds designed to meet different needs and spaces. The Freja Single Bed is an excellent example of FLEXA's commitment to quality, simplicity, and versatility. 

    This bed shares the same commitment to durability and design as the semi-high beds, making them another great option for your child's bedroom.

    A safe and stylish choice

    Choosing a bed for your child is about balancing safety, functionality, and style. FLEXA’s semi-high beds in size 90x200 tick all these boxes, offering a sleeping solution that children love and parents trust. 

    With their robust construction, fun features, flexible design, and stylish options, these beds are an ideal choice for any child’s bedroom. But our semi-high beds are just the start. We have desks and chairs too, which match perfectly with our beds. 

    Everything you need for a child's room, you can find with us. Check out our collection and see how we can help make your child's room a perfect place for them.