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Wooden Play Shop, Café & Food

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    The shop is open! Let your child welcome customers at their play shop and see them broaden their imagination when they take on the role as shopkeeper. A wooden play shop opens a world of possibilities for kids to play out scenarios similar to those in a real grocery store. When playing shop and customers, your child practice both their social skills, communication skills, and basic numeracy.


    The play grocery store has plenty of room to store your child’s play food, like ice creams and pizzas ready to be sold to hungry customers. Your child can pretend to manage an ice cream shop one day and sell pizza the next, it all comes down to their preferences and imagination.

    Your little shopkeeper can also get a cash register at their play café, so they can keep an eye on their earnings. And you can add a costume to your kid’s play shop and help them get into character – now the shop is ready to welcome new customers and with an exciting setting for play time, hours of fun will magically pass by.


    Role play isn’t just an entertaining activity but an educational one too. Serving customers stimulates your child’s social skills, like showing empathy and consideration for others. When it’s time to get the bill, your child can practice numbers, counting money, and doing simple maths.