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    At FLEXA, we are known for our flexible designs and products that can be modified to match children’s changing needs as they grow up. Our storage solutions are popular because they can be combined in multiple ways and thereby, customised to your exact needs. Below you will find our selection of storage accessories for the different storage furniture. The storage accessories let you customise the furniture to your preferences and needs.


    FLEXA furniture is designed so it can be modified as families’ needs change when their children grow up. Good storage solutions are especially important in families with children, so toys are not left everywhere in the home. Wall shelves in the children’s room can be a good solution. It is also a good idea to designate a specific place for toys, so they can easily be stored away, and taken out when there is need for it.

    If you have a baby on the way, you can transform the Roomie chest into a changing table by adding a changing table unit on top of the chest. This is an easy solution, and once the baby is older you can remove the unit and have the standard chest back. Now that is neat! We are many practical solutions to make your everyday life easier, browse among our different storage accessories and be inspired.


    With FLEXA products you have many options and ways to personalize your kid’s bedroom, so it fits your preferences and your child’s likes and needs. You can mix and match products from our different collections and make the most out of the space you have. Every piece of FLEXA furniture can, like a puzzle piece, be turned around to find its suitable place to create a complete picture. Once you have completed the puzzle, you are left with a children’s room where there is space to play and have fun. Our storage accessories are the icing on the cake, they provide you with many options to customise the best storage solution your family’s needs.


    As a parent, we know that safety is all important to you when it comes to your children. All of our products live up to EU’s strictest product safety standards, so you do not have to worry about your child getting hurt by our products. We design our products without sharp edges so that children will not hurt themselves, and there are no crevices that small fingers can get stuck in - so mom and dad can feel at ease.

    At FLEXA, we believe quality and safety are all-important aspects of designing for children, and that is also reflected in our line of storage accessories that are designed to make everyday life fun and safe. Drawers are made with soft-closed so no fingers will get pinched, and the wall shelves for children’s rooms can be safely screwed against the wall with the anti-tilt brackets.


    Our selection of kid’s storage accessories helps us achieve our goal of designing aesthetic products that are also flexible, so they can be useful to different families and their needs. Children never stop growing and as their needs change, so does the storage solutions they need. It takes continuous adjustments and extensions to keep up with their needs, but that is all possible with FLEXA’s storage accessories.  

    As parents you always need to be one step ahead, to tackle the challenges that comes with having children, the same is true when it comes to providing the perfect setting for the little ones to grow up in. Browse through our selection of storage solutions, or find inspiration for your children’s room here on FLEXA’s website.