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    Having children also means having to think about where to store their many belongings and toys. Having lots of options when it comes to toys is great, but it is important to not overwhelm children with too many options for playing, nor the parents who are usually the ones who are left with a messy room to clean up afterwards. With practical storage solutions in the children’s room, you can make it easier for your children to find that specific toy that they want to play with, while also making the clean up afterwards easier – win win.


    Among our different storage solutions, you will find our popular storage boxes that are available in many different designs. The little ones will love the different illustrations on our textiles that available in the themes Safari, Transportation, Little Heroes and Little Princess.

    For older children, we are sure they will love the storage boxes from our Room Collection. These cool boxes are available in beautiful, well-balanced colours that fits nicely with the overall FLEXA colour scheme. The kids storage boxes can help create a modern and timeless room, and they are ideal for storing toys, electronics, school supplies and other stuff. The storage boxes are appealing to both boys and girls, and they are a joy to parents, who can help their children organise their things.


    You can incorporate your kids storage boxes in a ton of ways into the existing décor. The boxes can store pretty much anything, so your child can use them for whatever they like to keep organised. The storage boxes are useful on their own, but can also be combined with one of our many chests and book cases from the Classic Storage, Roomie, Popsicle and Nor collections. With this combination of FLEXA products, you will have lots of options to meet your child’s needs when it comes to storing their belongings.


    At FLEXA, our mission is to create furniture and other products for the children’s room that can grow with your child and help them Sleep, Play, and Study. These three areas are where our main focus is, when we design products that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. We put a lot of thought into every detail, so our products can be as functional and durable as possible. Only the best is good enough for our children, and with FLEXA products you can be certain that they will live up to the demands of a busy lifestyle with kids. Even our children’s storage boxes are designed to withstand the wear and tear that is expected when used by children.


    Our storage boxes are both stylish and practical in their design. They have useful handles that makes it easy to grab them, and take them down from a high shelf or from under a mid-high bed. That is why they are the perfect place to store toys. Our children’s storage boxes are made from durable textile, so they can withstand everyday use.


    Add a splash of colour with one of our storage boxes, as an easy way change up the décor in the children’s room. You can also use the storage boxes in the children’s wardrobe as an effective way to organise their clothes, or assign different type of toys to their own box, so your child can easily clean their room. The storage boxes are great for storing toys from our Play Collection, which makes it easy to find play food and tools.

    Use FLEXA storage boxes in the décor to finally get everything organised in the children’s room. Choose among our many different coloured boxes, and make the children’s room an organised place where children will want to spend time playing and clearing their toys away once the day is over.