Girl is sleeping on a FLEXA mattress and pillow

When to Introduce a Pillow to Your Toddler

Blissful nights of good, quality sleep is something we all want for our child and ourselves, right? To get there, your little one needs to feel safe and comfortable in bed. When you introduce a pillow, and choosing the right one, can be essential for your toddler’s comfort and safety. Want to know why? Scroll down to find out.


  • Never introduce a pillow before your child’s first birthday because it isn’t safe.
  • Your baby doesn’t need a pillow for neck support or to feel comfortable in the crib. 
  • For your toddler, pick a pillow that’s suitable for your child’s still-developing neck and spine. 
  • Start with a small, thin but supportive pillow.

When is it Safe for Your Child to Sleep with a Pillow? 

What Kind of Pillow Should You Pick for Your Toddler?