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    Sometimes simple and classic design is just the best. With FLEXA Classic you get durable children's furniture in a timeless design that will fit well into any home. You can, among other things, easily find a new FLEXA Classic bed for your child, just as the collection consists of various storage solutions, desks and a range of accessories for the children's room. Choose FLEXA Classic, and you will have furniture that can stay in the family for many years to come, both because of the timeless style and the great quality.


    FLEXA Classic is Danish design at its best. We take pride in our collection with lots of gorgeous, flexible furniture that can be altered as your child grows older, and his or her needs change. Children are constantly developing and if you want to avoid changing the décor of their room again and again, it is a good idea to choose flexible furniture in a timeless design like the ones you find here in the FLEXA Classic collection.

    FLEXA Classic beds come in many different heights and designs - including single beds, semi-high beds, mid-high beds, high beds, house beds and our popular FLEXA classic bunk beds. In addition, there are various accessories so each bed environment can be tailored to the individual child. Several of our FLEXA Classic beds can be remodelled by adding either shorter or longer legs, so for example a mid-high bed can be made into a single bed, semi-high bed or high bed. The same principle applies to the other types of beds in the assortment.

    In addition, with a FLEXA Classic mid-high bed you have the option of adding a slide to it, so your child has his or her own playground in their room. The space under the high beds can be used to create a cosy nook, but there is also space for storage or in some cases a desk depending on the height of the bed. You can make the most of the space in the children’s room by utilising the height of the room and that way get more floor space – perfect for active playtime.


    FLEXA Classic appeals to children of all ages - and to their parents who will love the stylish and simple design that is super easy to incorporate into the existing décor. In the collection you will find furniture for both younger and older children, designed with help from our team experts – namely the children themselves. At FLEXA, we excel in designing products that meet children's needs, and we continually gain better insight into what children like and dislike.

    We are innovative in our approach to design, but we also enjoy the good classics like those found in our Classic collection. Here you will get completely classic, clean lines and furniture that speak their own beautiful simple language. At the same time, the quality is top notch, so our furniture can be passed on to siblings and create joy every single day. In other words, FLEXA Classic consists of children's furniture that can withstand being used by children, and it is reassuring as parents to know that the furniture can easily withstand the sometimes-harsh treatment, high tempo and wild play that comes with having kids.


    The furniture in the FLEXA Classic collection is made from durable quality materials such as solid pine, and is designed with our characteristic soft shapes that are completely without sharp edges. The products have passed EU’s strictest requirements both in terms of quality and safety, and as a parent you can therefore be perfectly comfortable with the furniture from FLEXA Classic. We make sure that your child is safe, and can, among other things, benefit from non-slip steps and integrated grips FLEXA Classic bunk beds as well as soft close on our many storage solutions. It is common sense for us to only offer safe products so you can feel secure letting your child use our products every single day.


    What should the children's room look like? How you decorate depends on what your child's room should be able to do. Does your child need to sleep in the room, or is the sleeping and environment for play divided into two rooms? Should there be a space for storage or perhaps a desk? There are many ways to decorate a children’s room, and with the FLEXA Classic collection you every opportunity to accommodate everything needed in your child's room throughout their childhood. Ask your child for advice when you are designing and create a safe and cosy universe where your child can develop and will want to spend time playing, learning and relaxing every single day.