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    Nothing compares to a baby’s silky soft skin, but with our quality nursery textiles you can spoil the little one in the family. In our selection of textiles, you will find, among other things, a FLEXA bed bumper, changing mat and a cushion for the high chair – available in both blue and rose nuances. All textiles are manufactured in the same cute pattern with teddy bears that will bring a smile on everyone’s faces.


    Sleep is incredibly important for children’s development, especially for newborns. In the first few months of their lives, they will sleep for most of the time, therefore, it is important to provide the optimal setting for good sleep. With a FLEXA bed bumper and the soft junior bed linen, you can create a cosy, safe, and comfortable space for your child, where they can sleep soundly all night - hopefully.

    Our bed bumper will fit into most cots, including our very own, popular cot from the Baby collection. The same is true of the baby linen, which comes in the standard size 140x100 cm and 40x45 cm and will fit a regular junior duvet and pillow. The bed linens are made of 100% cotton sateen and has Standard 100 label by Oeko-Tex which stands for customer confidence and high product safety. In other words, from FLEXA you get the best possible bed linen for your baby. If you are also looking for a quality duvet and pillow, check out our selection in the Sleep collection, where you can also find mattresses.


    Besides their bed, babies spend a lot of time on the changing table and in their high chair. During the first few months of their lives, they do little else but sleep, eat, and have their diaper changed, so it is important they are comfortable during those moments. Like with our other baby textiles, the changing mat and the high chair cushion are made of foam and 100% cotton sateen, and they also carry the Standard 100 label by Oeko-Tex. Both textiles are washable, so you need not worry about stains – something which is also unavoidable with a baby in the home. 


    With our nursery textiles we aimed to design a selection of practical textiles, in a cute pattern for your baby. But it is important for us that the textiles should fit into any home, and that they are easy to incorporate into the existing décor of the home. The textiles can therefore be combined with the children’s furniture you already have. At FLEXA, we strive to create flexible products that are timeless and in Scandinavian style which is manifested in the soft, rounded edges, well balanced colours, and natural materials.

    Children sharing a bedroom is both practical, and they will feel more secure sleeping close to a sibling, as they process the events of the day in their sleep. They can tell each other bedtime stories, as they slowly fall into blissful sleep. Furniture for toddlers and older children can easily be combined with baby furniture, to create a cosy bedroom for both children.  


    As with our children’s furniture and toys, with our selection of baby textiles, we have chosen materials of high quality, because only the best is good enough for children. All FLEXA products have passed EU’s strictest quality standards – also in terms of safety, so you can feel at ease choosing FLEXA for your baby. Or if you are looking to buy baby textiles as a gift, you will not go wrong with our products.

    Everyone deserves to sleep well, and sit comfortably throughout the day that is why comfort and safety are at the focus of everything we design, whether it is for babies, toddlers, children or teenagers. If you have older children, you can take a look at our Sleep collection where you will find quality mattresses, duvets, and pillows that will surely help your child get a good night’s sleep. Making sure that your children, no matter age, gets a good night’s sleep is important so they can thrive, and have lots of energy to play, learn, and explore the world.