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    Most children sleep with a teddy bear or another object that they find comfort in, and helps them sleep soundly at night. In our bed pockets there is room for the child to store the things, they would like to have close at hand when they go to bed. They can store a book, water bottle, or other things that are useful during the night. The FLEXA bed pockets are great for storing toys, especially if your child like to play in their bed during the day, perhaps because they already have a FLEXA bed tent.


    You will find the bed pockets in our popular series of play textiles that come in beautiful prints and colours. Among our play textiles you will also find play curtains, tents, back rest cushions, and bean bags that all help foster children’s imagination and creativity. The textiles are available in the themes Little Heroes, Little Princess, Safari, and Transportation. You can combine textiles from the same theme or mix and match with textiles from the other themes.

    The lovely play textiles are a great addition to the children’s room, and especially for the older kids with a mid-high or semi-high bed, are the bed pockets a great storage solution. FLEXA bed pockets are manufactured form 100 % cotton and have the Standard 100 label by Oeko-TEX, they are attached to the bed with Velcro.

    In a children’s room, it is crucial for the décor to be sturdy so it can withstand children’s sometimes rough play, and that is why our textiles are made from quality cotton and are suited for the washing machine. Play time is important for children’s development, and with the right furniture in their room, they will feel inspired to let their imagination run wild as they come up with different things to play. Perhaps the little ones will like a play curtain so they can pretend to be on a safari, or be a princess living in a fairy-tale castle.


    Equally as important as playtime is during the day, so is getting a good night’s sleep during the night. Well rested children are generally more happy and ready to take on any challenges the day may throw at them. If you want to make sure that your kids get a good night’s sleep, it is important to set up bedtime rituals that makes the transition from daytime and into sleeping time easier. To avoid unnecessary stress right before bedtime, you can store children’s teddy bear, and favourite book in the bed pockets. The pockets are great for a mid-high or semi-high bed, and are practical for both children and parents.

    With FLEXA bed pockets your child can easily reach into the pockets at night, if they wake up and are thirsty, or need to be comforted by a teddy bear after they have had a bad dream. It is natural to wake up for short periods of time during the night, but it is important you quickly fall asleep again. Setting up a few sleeping habits can be key to getting a good night’s sleep, you can read about this topic here in our Sleep Collection. There you will also find advice on choosing the right mattress for your child.


    At FLEXA, we always focus on quality and safety when we design products for children. Our products – furniture, toys, and textiles are all manufactured from quality materials. We put a lot of thought into our designs so they are perfectly safe for your child to use every single day throughout their childhood. Our products have all passed EU’s strictest product safety and quality standards, so you can feel at ease knowing your child is safe with FLEXA products.

    At FLEXA, we have everything you need to decorate a beautiful, inviting, and cosy children’s room, whether you are looking for textiles, furniture, or toys – we have it all. Our products all have one thing in common, and that is they are carefully designed in collaboration with our team of experts, namely the children themselves. We have carefully considered even the smallest details of our designs, such as the rounded edges on our furniture that children will not get hurt, and the Velcro on the bed pockets that makes it easy to attach them to a bed. Our products reflect children’s needs and interests, and are designed to last for a long time.