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Wooden Shape Sorters, Blocks, & Stacking Toys

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    Watch your little boy or girl unfold their creativity and improve their fine motor skills when they play build things by hand. Wooden shape sorters, building blocks, and stacking toys also help your child recognise different colours, shapes, and sizes. Your little one learns to reach, grasp, and release, and your older child gains an understanding of gravity, balance, and geometry.


    For children, building a tower from wooden building blocks is a fun and challenging task. Your little builder must plan which block to place next and when things get tricky, your child must figure out what caused the problem and come up with a clever plan to fix it. Building bricks toys and sorting toys are great, open-ended toys where your child is encouraged to experiment with different solutions: “what happens if I use the blue block instead of the red?”

    Inventing, building, and stacking requires focus and your little one can really get caught up and almost forget about time and place for a moment. While concentrating on assembling a stacking toy, building an imaginary world, or matching the shapes with the right holes, your child gets a nice brain-break from all the hustle and bustle of their busy everyday life.


    At FLEXA, we make toys from sturdy, long-lasting materials to make sure they can be in your family for generations. Our wooden shape sorters, blocks, and stacking toys speak to both adults and children’s curiosity. Invent a world of wonderful buildings or see who can build the highest tower - just be careful the grown-ups don’t take over the game!