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    Games and puzzles help kids develop a wide range of skills. Gripping a puzzle piece and putting it in the right place strengthens your child’s small muscles in hands and wrists, their matching skills and eye for details. Sit down together and talk about the different illustrations depicted on the wooden puzzle pieces and game cards – this expands your child's vocabulary and communication skills.


    Solving a puzzle or memorising the position of matching cards in a memory game requires your toddler to concentrate. The wooden games and puzzles for kids from FLEXA train your child’s cognitive abilities and make them able to distinguish different shapes, sizes, colours, and icons. In a game of picture lotto, your little one must try to remember what pieces match the images on their cards, and this helps strengthen their memory and matching skills, and their ability to reason and rely on their own instincts – “should I choose this card or this card?”


    Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. This is a valuable lesson that every child must experience for themselves. Children’s play and games provide a safe space for your child to explore their emotions. When a game gets tricky, your child learns to deal with difficult feelings, such as frustration and disappointment, and after winning a game, the feelings of joy and pride.

    When playing, your child learns not only to navigate their own feelings but also to understand how others are feeling. Wooden games and puzzles for kids teach your little one important social skills, such as turn taking and showing empathy, and your child learns about the importance of all players abiding by a common set of rules.