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    Children have an incredible imagination and rarely need much help coming up with new, interesting ways to play. Decorate their bedroom with space to let their imagination run wild, and see how they thrive when playing either alone or with friends. With FLEXA play curtains you can transform their bed into an exciting play area, where the little ones will feel inspired to come up with new adventures. Our assortment of play curtains come with decorative patterns and themes, so there is something for everyone. Perhaps your child like princesses and would love to see their bed transformed into a castle? Or if your little one is captivated by animals – he or she would perhaps like to go on a safari? The play curtains are the perfect backdrop when children role play alone, with friends, or siblings.


    With a play curtain, children have the perfect setting for hours of fun play time. A FLEXA play curtain fits perfectly with our mid-high and semi-high beds, but for the latter you will need an extension piece to your play curtain. The curtains are easily fastened to the beds with Velcro, so they are equally as easy to take down again once the children have finished playing. The curtains are manufactured from 100 % quality cotton, are safe to put in the washing machine, and they have the Standard 100 label by Oeko-Tex.

    Choose your play curtain from our wide assortment below. We have curtains in different colours, themes, and patterns, so there will surely be something your little one will like. Go on an imaginative safari with your children, or pretend that you are prince and princesses living in a fairy tale castle. The play curtains set the stage for hours of fun role playing.


    Children are constantly developing and finding new interests and hobbies, a thing they liked last week is already replaced by something cooler this week. At FLEXA, we design products for children that are flexible, so they can easily be modified or replaced, in order to keep up to date with children’s changing needs and interests. As parents, we have made it easier and cheaper for you, to accommodate your children’s changing interests, and with our play curtains you can easily change up their room. The curtains are made from excellent materials, so they are perfect to pass on to siblings, or other children.


    You can get our curtains with the themes Little Princess, Little heroes, Safari and Transportation. The curtains come with three panels that fits the open sides under the mid-high bed. We also have matching play caves, so children can have a secret hideaway up in their bed. Decorate their bed with FLEXA bed pockets that also match the different themes of illustrations on the curtains, so the little ones always have easy access to their favourite book and teddy bear.


    A mid-high or semi-high bed is a great choice for older children who can crawl up into the bed by themselves, and who are not afraid to sleep at some height above the ground. These types of beds, let you take advantage of the floor space in the children’s room, so you can decorate the space under the bed for storage, or as a play area. With a FLEXA play curtain, you can hide away storage under the bed, which will leave more floor space clear for the little ones to play on. Behind the curtain, you can also create a secret little nook, where children can retreat and just be alone with a good book.

    If you are looking for great storage solutions, check out our flexible pieces of furniture that will fit under the mid-high or semi-high beds in the Popsicle or Classic collections. In the collections you will find chests, bookcases, and benches that are available in green, pink, and blue nuances. Choose furniture in a colour that matches the play curtain for a coherent décor scheme.

    If you want to create the ultimate nook or cave under the bed then place a soft mattress and other comfortable textiles there, such as a back pillow, blankets, and a bean bag. The play curtain is the icing on the cake and will add a nice final finish to a little nook that your child will love to invite friends into.