Children playing with a wooden play tower from FLEXA

Wooden Play Towers

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    An indoor climbing frame provides your child with countless play activities and encourages movements, like climbing up and down the ladder, balancing on top, and crawling back and forth. These movements improve your toddler’s motor skills and challenge their balance, bilateral coordination, as well as their overall body control. Add a slide to your kid’s play tower – this adds an extra dimension to your kid’s motor play.


    A wooden play tower from FLEXA contributes with countless play opportunities for your child. One moment, the play tower can be part of an obstacle course; the next moment, it’s cave-like shape is used as a quiet nook. Let your little adventurer explore the play tower from its many angles and watch your child build up both courage and can-do-spirit in the process. Playing with others will also teach your toddler important social skills, like taking turns and showing empathy for others. 


    A wooden play tower form FLEXA is a safe choice when you want to bring fun and active play into your home. We designed our play towers with easy-to-grasp sides and rounded edges for your child’s safety and support. All our toys live up to EU’s strictest standards of safety and quality, making sure they’re always safe for kids to play with.