Child is playing with his wooden workbench and tools from FLEXA

Wooden Toy Workbench & Tools

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    Completing practical tasks like fixing and crafting things, strengthens your child’s self-esteem, fine motor skills, and ability to be self-reliant. Therefore, you should only encourage your child to participate and help out on equal footing with the grown-ups - but on their own terms. With a toy workbench, it’s easy for your little one to both imitate the behaviour and language of their parents and carry out their own creative ideas by building things by hand.


    Complete your child’s play workbench with a wooden tool set and toolbox containing all the necessary play tools for when your toddler practices their craftmanship: saw, hammer, wrench, ruler, and more.

    At FLEXA, we make durable toys that last for many years. Our toys are made from sturdy, FSC™ certified wood and we make sure they can withstand children’s sometimes rough play. Needless to say, our toys live up to EU’s strictest product safety standards.


    We strive to create toys with excellent play value for children across generations. We want our toys to be fun to play with for both older and younger kids, so we incorporate features and elements that children of all ages find inspiring.

    Our wooden workbench and toy tools are perfect for your child’s make-believe games, which become more nuanced and complex as your child grows older and understands more of the world. Are your little one going to pretend to be a carpenter, an inventor, or perhaps an engineer, do you think?