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    It is important to have lots of light in the children’s bedroom in order to make it an inviting space to play, relax and immerse oneself into different projects. At FLEXA, we design children’s furniture and other products for the bedroom based on our core areas of concern namely Sleep, Play and Study. Whether you are looking for a bedside lamp, a desk lamp or a lamp for one of the little nooks in the children’s room, you will find great options for beautiful lighting.


    A good kids lamp needs to provide excellent light, but it should also look good and match the furniture in the room. With one of our children’s lamps you can be sure that you are getting a quality lamp, that is also aesthetically pleasing to look at in a modern sleek design.

    In our assortment, you will find our popular Monty lamps designed by Charlotte Høncke. The lamps are manufactured from white lacquered metal with timeless design that still provides a bit of edge to the overall décor scheme. The Monty lamps are easy to incorporate into the existing décor in the children’s room, and they provide optimal lighting by the bed, desk or in a nook. The children’s lamps are available both as wall lamps and table lamps.

    Charlotte Høncke is also the designer behind our popular Dots collection that consists of children’s furniture in well-balanced, Nordic colours, which goes well with the white Monty lamps.


    Having lots of natural light in a room is wonderful, but sometimes the children’s bedroom will face a direction with little natural light, and during autumn and winter, there is even less hours of daylight. That is why having lamps that provide good light is important, so children can always play and study in their room.

    A good bedside lamp is important, if your child likes to read before bedtime either alone or with help from their parents. Reading is a great way to transition into nighttime, and the little ones will quickly relax and fall asleep.

    By their desk, you will need a lamp as well, so there is good lighting for homework, drawing or other creative projects. If the children’s room is big you can place lamps in dark corners and nooks, to make them extra inviting, as a place to relax or play with friends or siblings.


    When choosing FLEXA furniture and other pieces of décor for the children’s room, you are guaranteed well thought-out products of the highest quality. When designing products for children, our focus is always on functionality and flexibility. This comes to show in our furniture and other products that can grow with your child throughout their childhood. At FLEXA, we also wish to offer modern, yet timeless products that are inspired by Scandinavian design tradition, where good craftmanship is just as essential as the beautiful design and the materials used.


    At FLEXA, we regard children as our most important experts. For more than 45 years we have designed products for children and continually gotten wiser, when it comes to meeting their needs and designing products, that will stay relevant even as they mature and grow up. Playtime, sleeping and learning are each essential for children’s development, so when decorating the children’s room, you should make it a space perfect for imaginative play, contemplation and restful sleep. FLEXA products help you decorate a children’s bedroom that will support their needs year after year, as he or she matures and grow older.


    When decorating any room in the house, it is easy to forget the lamps, although they are an important part of the décor. It is easy to get caught up in choosing the bigger pieces of furniture and décor elements, yet lamps are essential for a room’s functionality. Optimal lighting is required for children to want to spend time in their room, so remember lamps when decorating the children’s room.

    Maybe you already have a space in your child’s bedroom in mind that could use a bit more lighting. If not, it can be a good idea to take a look at the room and envision it through your children’s eyes. In which little corners and nooks do they spend time, and depending on what they do there, perhaps reading a book, they might benefit from an extra lamp. Spending time on decorating a children’s bedroom that takes into consideration you child’s like and dislikes, needs and interests, is essential to create a space where the little ones will want to spend hours play, sleeping and just being children.