Loft bed 90x200

Loft bed 90x200

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    Every child needs a good night’s sleep. At FLEXA, we focus on delivering best-in-class beds for children to ensure their sleep and growth. Our loft beds for kids are perfect for small rooms, giving your child a comfy place to sleep and more room to play. Our loft beds are popular because they combine a practical solution that still offers a fun element for the kids in their room. Our loft beds in size 90x200 are perfect for growing children, making bedtime something they can look forward to. And they can fit the growing child through-out their childhood. 

    Innovative design of FLEXA’s loft beds for children

    If you are looking for a bed that saves space and looks good in your home, look no further than FLEXA’s loft beds. The beds are designed simple with a nordic touch that fits any child’s room and style.

    Our collections including loft beds, Classic, Nor, Popsicles, and White, offer a variety of designs and color options. While a white loft bed remains a classic favorite, we also offer choices in modern colors and wooden details for a more personalized touch. Whether you're looking for a simple design with a straight ladder or something more unique like an inclined ladder, our range caters to every preference.

    Loft beds are recommended from the age of 6. For those seeking a more convenient and stable way for the kids to enter their bed, our loft bed in size 90x200 with stairs is an ideal option. This bed not only provides a secure climb for your child but also contributes to extra storage space. The staircase has room for storage under each step. Beyond the practicality, these stairs offer an additional element of fun for kids.

    High-quality materials of our 90x200 loft beds

    In designing and crafting our loft beds for kids, FLEXA uses a thoughtful mix of high-quality materials to ensure safety and longevity. We use materials like solid pine, birch plywood, solid beech and oak in our loft beds because they are strong and durable. These materials ensure the beds are sturdy enough for everyday use and all the fun activities that finds place in any child’s room. The materials also ensure that the loft beds are not only practical, but also adds a nice look to your child’s room and your home. 

    Purpose and benefits of loft beds

    FLEXA loft beds in size 90x200 are great for small rooms because they save a lot of floorspace. The loft beds come with a lot of options for customizing the bed. Each collection has it owns features that can be added to the loft beds. Classic, White and Nor gives you the most options, where you can turn the bed into a Casa loft bed and have a sofa module and desk added underneath, making it a perfect place for your child to do their homework or be creative. The sofa module functions as a pull-out bed offering an extra space for sleepovers that can easily be tucked away. This option comes in handy for homes with smaller rooms.

    A loft bed also gives you the option of extra storage space, like our loft bed with slanting ladder and storage. The loft beds in size 90x200 offer a perfect combination of comfort, style and functionality for your child’s bedroom. 

    The loft beds come in a modular bed system that offers flexibility for both your kid and you as parent. A loft bed from FLEXA gives you the possibility of adapting the bed to your child’s needs as they grow older. You can easily rebuild the bed to a bunk bed or to a simple sofa bed when the needs change. Simply look through the collection of which your loft bed is from, and contact our customer service team for guidance in which extra parts you will need to adapt your FLEXA bed. This makes a loft bed from FLEXA a great investment as it offers many different uses through-out your child’s childhood.