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    Most children love to hide in their own secret nook, where they can play or just relax. There is something comforting, secure and mystical about having their own secret space, where grown-ups are not welcome. With a kids play tent from FLEXA, you can have a decorative cave anywhere the child wishes, on top of their bed, on the floor in their room or perhaps in the living room. Place a play tent in the children’s bedroom and the little ones will always have a secure place to retreat and rest.


    Most children have an incredible imagination, and by supporting them in their play and creative projects that imagination can developed. At FLEXA, we want to help foster a creative environment for children where their imagination can run wild while they have fun, which is the whole idea behind our interactive children’s textiles.

    Children rarely need much help when it comes to play time, as they will have plenty of excellent ideas as to what they want to play with friends or alone. With a kids play tent that can be placed on top of their bed, or on the floor, they have the optimal setting for play time. There is something comforting about being in a confined space, and that is why, the tent is also a great place for children to retreat to spend some time alone.

    The FLEXA bed tent is great for relaxation and playing, and perhaps the little ones will feel inspired by the illustrations on the curtain that is available in the themes; Little Princess, Little Heroes, Transportation, and Safari. Let you child go on a safari, fly a helicopter, save the day as a firefighter, or be the princess of a magical castle.


    Our FLEXA bed tents are made from cotton, and have the Standard 100 label by Oeko-Tex. They are washable, so there is no harm done if the tents get stained. The kids play tents are made from durable materials that can withstand even children’s sometimes rough play. The play tents are easy to fasten on our mid-high, semi-high, or regular beds from the Popsicle, White, Nor or Classic collections. The FLEXA bed tents can also be placed on the floor, so they are easier to access when friends come over to play.


    At FLEXA, we have a playful approach to design and décor and we try to make this obvious in our products. Flexibility is another aspect that we always consider when we are designing furniture, toys and other products for children, and the play tent is no exception. Our kids play tents have a simple design and are shaped like a tunnel, so it speaks to children’s imagination who can imagine it, to be just about anything.

    The textile caves can be incorporated into children’s play time in many ways. Let them be creative and watch as they come up with new fun role plays that they can enjoy alone or with friends. If you child has a mid-high or semi-high bed, a play curtain can help create a cosy nook under the bed. The curtain is available in many beautiful designs like the FLEXA bed tents. Add practical bed pockets, a back pillow, bean bag, or other of our excellent textiles that will help make the bed an inviting space during the day, as well as the night. In the bed pockets children can store they teddy bear, a favourite book, or hide their little treasures, so it is all close at hand when it is time to sleep.


    We are sure that your child would love to have their very own play tent, so take a look at our different designs below and choose the play tent your child would love the most. If your child’s birthday is coming up, this might be the perfect gift. You can also choose the tent together with your child to get their input, perhaps you will be surprised by the design they choose. If your children are sharing a room, a play tent is a great addition, as they can enjoy private time in their tent.

    Our play tents are the perfect space for relaxation, when children are tired after a long day. And the cave is a great addition to their bed, where they will feel the comforting effect of being in a confined space, but the tent is also an exciting place to share with friends and can be incorporated into play time. The FLEXA bed tent is a versatile product that children will love to use in different ways.