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    It will hardly come as a surprise to anyone that well-rested children are both healthier and happier than children who do not get a good night's sleep. Sleep is crucial to children's ability to learn, focus, remember and be creative, and in order to have enough energy for lots of playtime and learning every single day, sleeping in a good, comfortable bed is essential. Our semi-high beds are made for children from the age of 6. The beds are available in many different models, which you can see here, where you can also find your personal favourite among the many options. Ask your child which bed they prefer or surprise him or her with a brand new semi-high bed from FLEXA, which they will undoubtedly love.


    A semi-high bed from FLEXA has many advantages. On the one hand, a raised children’s bed itself is often a big hit with slightly older children, because the bed provides plenty of opportunities to create cosy nooks with space for play both in the bed itself and under. A FLEXA semi-high bed is also a very long-lasting piece of furniture, it is made of quality materials, designed with a focus on children and their changing needs in mind.


    Children grow at the speed of lightning, and our furniture should be able to embrace this. That is why our semi-high beds can grow with your child. They are offered in the Classic, Nor and White collections. Each collection contains a wide range of raised children’s beds in beautiful Danish design with round shapes and edges in gentle, Nordic colours. The semi-high beds are perfect for schoolchildren until adolescents, but in fact many of the beds can bring joy far longer. All of our raised children’s beds can be remodelled as the child grows and his or her needs change. A semi-high bed can be made into a high bed using extension legs, so the bed can fit a larger child. However, you can also go the opposite way and turn the bed into a half-high bed or even a single bed by putting shorter legs on it. The flexibility of the semi-high beds ensures long time use and it allows children to use them for years with just a few easy adjustments.


    At FLEXA, our three focus areas, Sleep, Play and Study, inspire us when we design various products for the children’s room. A semi-high bed can provide a good night's sleep while offering plenty of opportunities for development through play and learning. During the day the child can use the bed in combination with our beautiful play textiles from our textile collections. The collections include play caves and play curtains that can be used to create a cosy cave in the bed or to decorate a private space under the bed, where the child spend hours on fun projects and games. Under the semi-high bed there is also plenty of storage space, and you can decorate the space with one of our storage furniture, including cabinets, shelves, storage benches and dressers. In this way, everything can easily be stored away from toys to clothes, books, school supplies and electronics.


    If you want your child to get the best possible sleep, a FLEXA semi-high bed cannot handle the task alone. Fortunately, the help is near, because in our Sleep collection you will find everything you need to create the perfect sleeping environment for your child. Start with a comfortable mattress and be sure to choose a good duvet and a nice duvet cover. Then your child has the optimal conditions to sleep well all night and dream sweetly until tomorrow, when the child wakes up well-rested and ready for a new day of exciting adventure.


    Designing for kids requires something extra. Therefore, for more than 50 years we have specialised in children's development and changing needs. We regard children as our most important experts and gather our knowledge from the children themselves. We are proud to say that our products meet the strictest safety and quality requirements from the EU, and you can therefore feel at ease when your child is surrounded by FLEXA design. Our semi-high beds have a ladder with non-slip steps and integrated handles that make it safe for your child to crawl up and down, and on most of our raised children’s beds the ladder can be placed where it suits you best. It is common sense for us to create safe designs for children, and we hope that your child will love his or her new semi-high bed and spend many hours there both at night and during the day.